June 25, 2018

Garnett S. Stokes
President, University of New Mexico

University of New Mexico Board of Regents
MSCO5 3300
1 University of New Mexico

Dear President Stokes and Board of Regents,

I am writing to you today to provide my support to you and your board of regents regarding your upcoming decision related to University of New Mexico Athletics.  I ask that the Men’s soccer program at UNM not be cut as part of budget reconciliation.

I write to you today as President of United Soccer Coaches, an association of soccer coaches across all levels of the game with over 30,000 members across the country. I am also the head coach for the University of Washington Women’s Soccer program. I am very familiar with the role soccer plays on the college level, regionally as well as nationally. The University of New Mexico men’s program has earned United Soccer Coaches’ Team Academic Award 14 out of the last 15 years indicating a team GPA of 3.0 or higher. Additionally, UNM men’s players have earned 19 United Soccer Coaches All-America awards, the most of any NCAA institution in the last 17 years. On the field, the UNM men have had a dozen postseason appearances since 2000, won numerous conference championships, and is consistently one of the country’s leaders in attendance. The immediate termination of men’s soccer at the University of New Mexico would unnecessarily harm students and the University.

“The University of New Mexico athletics is committed to student athlete success and competitive excellence by creating an inclusive environment, through recruiting, developing, and retaining quality people, providing a great fan experience, inspiring community engagement, and serving as a source of pride for New Mexico.” UNM men’s soccer has epitomized the UNM mission. To discontinue the program despite that would be devastating to staff and students and send the wrong message to young people throughout the state of New Mexico and beyond. I am particularly adamant about this program because it is the only Division I men’s program in the state and many local boys look up to this program and aspire to go to their hometown school as a way to attend college and compete as student-athletes.

United Soccer Coaches and its full membership stand with men’s soccer at the University of New Mexico and urge you to retain their program. We will be here to support you with anything you may need as you make this decision.


Lesle Gallimore
President, United Soccer Coaches


**Advocating for our members is a key pillar of United Soccer Coaches. We believe our community of coaches is always stronger together. If you would like to lend your voice to the campaign to help save the New Mexico men’s soccer program, you are asked to sign this petition. You can also find a sample letter here, that you may use to follow up via mail. Letters can be sent to the following administration members at UNM:


President Garnett Stokes: presidentstokes@unm.edu
Eddie Nunez, Athletic Director UNM: nuneze@unm.edu
Rob Doughty, President UNM Board of Regents: regents@unm.edu
Marron Lee, Vice President UNM Board of Regents: regents@unm.edu