Welcome to the Supplier Diversity Program

Founded in 1941 and based in Kansas City, Missouri, United Soccer Coaches has grown into the world’s largest soccer coaches’ organization serving members at every level of the game. Through our supplier diversity program, our members can learn about business opportunities and/or market their goods and services.

Our Goals

The United Soccer Coaches Supplier Diversity Program encourages and welcomes minority, veteran, women-owned businesses and other underserved populations. The goal is to increase the pool of suppliers and promote more competition, which improves the quality of products and services while reducing our costs. It is in our best interest to build a diverse roster of suppliers who can actively support the business requirements of United Soccer Coaches and its members while being the home of all coaches that supports our commitment to our members and to diversity, equity and inclusion.


Benefits of the Program

This program gives our members who own their own business a chance to bid on opportunities and provide goods or services to United Soccer Coaches, our members, or business associates. It is open to all members of United Soccer Coaches and our Coaches Communities.

Cost Reduction

A competitive supplier environment often results in significant cost savings through efficient procurement practices. Leveraging diverse suppliers can lead to bulk purchasing, economies of scale, and reduced prices. Efficient pricing and resource optimization minimize waste, ensuring that products and services are obtained at the best value, benefiting the organization.


Encouraging diverse suppliers ensures higher standards of products and services through healthy competition. Suppliers continuously improve their offerings to meet industry standards and receive feedback that leads to ongoing enhancements. This association with high-quality suppliers strengthens the reputation of United Soccer Coaches, promoting excellence.


A diverse pool of suppliers fosters a competitive environment that drives innovation and efficiency. This competition leads to improved products and services, as suppliers strive to offer the best quality to stand out. It also results in cost efficiency, ensuring that United Soccer Coaches and its members benefit from competitive pricing and better procurement practices.


By joining the Supplier Diversity Program, minority, veteran, and women-owned businesses gain access to numerous business opportunities within the soccer coaching community. This program enhances networking, increases visibility, and offers greater chances to bid on contracts, connecting businesses with influential members and expanding their reach globally, fostering growth and success.

How to Join

Being part of the United Soccer Coaches Supplier Diversity Program is not a guarantee of business nor does it identify a company as a preferred or approved supplier.

Contact Information:

For more information, you may contact us at communities@unitedsoccercoaches.org