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What is Advocacy?

United Soccer Coaches is the coaches’ voice and will advocate for issues that affect the membership at every level of the game. Through our Coaches Communities, Advocacy Council, and National Staff, the needs of our members are heard and brought to the United Soccer Coaches Board of Directors. Our Coaches Communities are led by volunteers (coaches like you) who want to give back to the game that has given them so much. By working with the United Soccer Coaches staff, Advocacy Council, and Board of Directors, these coaches are working to identify how we can help you be the best coach that you can be! 

Why did United Soccer Coaches change the name from Advocacy Groups to Coaches Communities?

Even though all of the association’s members are united around our love for the game, we found that many were looking for a deeper feeling of belonging. Our Advocacy Groups quickly became the place for coaches to find that connection. We also found that not every coach was looking to be “an advocate.” Some might just come for camaraderie, networking or mentorship. Others might be looking for job opportunities. Maybe they want to find the mental and emotional support that a group of individuals with similar lives can bring to each other. In other words, they want to find a Community that they enjoy and makes them feel welcome. Read More.

What’s the Difference? Advocacy Efforts and Coaches Communities 

United Soccer Coaches pursues Advocacy Efforts that support our coaches in who they coach. United Soccer Coaches looks to advocate for coaches at every level of the game and support the ongoing efforts of our coaches in any way we can.  Each Coaches Community has a variety of sub-committees that allow coaches to take part in areas of the association that interest them, including Convention Planning, Education, Awards, Scholarships & Grants, Content and News, as well as an Advocacy sub-committee. The Advocacy sub-committee focuses on the specific needs of the members they represent and all Advocacy sub-committees come together to form the Advocacy Council, dedicated to uplifting the voices of our coaches. 

Our Coaches Communities were created to accommodate the space of who you are as a coach. Our Coaches Communities bring forward a safe environment to network with fellow coaches, find mentorship and leadership opportunities, and advance the game of soccer in the great community. While we all come from different backgrounds, United Soccer Coaches works to unite all coaches around the love of the game.  

Connect with one or more of our Coaches Communities today to add your voice to the conversation and advocate for issues that are important to you. 

Advocacy in Action

College Advocacy

United Soccer Coaches is dedicated to building a better game for coaches and student-athletes alike, at the college level. Our College Programs Director works with all levels of college athletics to stay up-to-date on the needs and concerns of college coaches from NCAA Division I to the National Christian College Athletic Association. Recently advocating efforts include the Division I Men’s 21st Century Model and adding rest days in the NCAA Division III Men’s and Women’s championship format

Additionally, we have a College Resource Page that offers coaches the latest updates and information regarding college soccer.

High School Advocacy

United Soccer Coaches has invested dedicated personnel, resources, and awards to high school coaches. Our High School Programs Manager works with State Association and high school coaches alike to advocate for their needs and offer resources. The association is currently working on a High School Resource Page that will offer up-to-date information, coaching resources, and more to high school coaches.

Youth Advocacy

United Soccer Coaches is interested in serving the interests of our youth coaches and clubs through resources, education, and advocacy. We are currently hiring a Youth Programs Manager that will assist in uplifting the voices of our youth coaches and clubs. United Soccer Coaches is dedicated to offering the tools needed for youth coaches to build a stronger program for their school and give their athletes the best possible experience. 

Coaches Communities in Action

Advocacy Council

The role of the Advocacy Council is to advocate for issues in the game and association that affect our membership. The Advocacy Council will provide accountability and oversight for the Coaches Community. They will advise both the Board of Directors and the professional staff on the needs and the desires of the membership at large.

Play With Pride

Each year, our Play with Pride initiative, sponsored by the LGBTQ+ & Allies Coaches Community, provides rainbow shoelaces for college and high school teams that register to participate in Play with Pride Week and is a celebration of Diversity and Inclusion in the game and in our membership. 

Awards of Excellence

In 2019, several of our Coaches Communities presented the first annual Award of Excellence to members of their individual coaching community that represents their mission and is outstanding in the work they do on behalf of the community. 

Juneteenth Webinar Series

In 2021, the Black Coaches Community hosted a series of webinars and panels celebrating Black Excellence in Soccer on Juneteenth. The five webinars covered a variety of topics including professional development, HBCUs, minding your health, and more.