Advanced Diplomas

Build your coaching education experiences to reach the highest levels of coaching with the United Soccer Coaches Advanced courses. When you complete these courses you will have earned a diploma that is respected industry-wide and enhances your coaching resume. These include the National, Advanced National, and Premier. In addition, United Soccer Coaches has university partners who offer a Master Coach diploma and Master’s Degree in Soccer Coaching.

*United Soccer Coaches Advanced Education is a benefit of membership with the association. If you are not a current member, a one-year membership fee ($125) will be added onto your course registration. If you have any questions, please contact the Member Services Team at


High School Diploma Online

In just two online phases, totaling approximately 10 hours, you can earn your United Soccer Coaches High School Diploma.

Phase 1

The first phase requires candidates to complete five pre-recorded webinars on their own time, complete with PDF assignments or portfolio work. The five webinars are approximately 95 minutes total.

Phase 2

*Phase two requires candidates to attend three (out of four) live 60-75 mins. Zoom sessions, spread out over 6-8 weeks, with a United Soccer Coaches Instructor and other candidates to allow for collaboration.

*Phase 2 opportunities will more than likely be offered six times throughout the year – October, December, February, April, June & August.

*Zoom sessions will normally occur on Sunday evenings starting at 8 p.m. EST


Introducing the newest way to earn your National Youth, National, Advanced National, or Premier Diploma. 

United Soccer Coaches’ advanced diplomas have long been regarded as an excellent way to expand your coaching knowledge, advance your career, and improve your players’ development. And now, with our newest blended format, coaches with ever-demanding schedules can earn their diploma in the most time-friendly way possible while maintaining the integrity of these highly regarded courses. 

Online Resources

Upon Registration, you will receive access to online content within a few days to begin your course. Watch sessions and lessons from some of the best coaches in America. 

Virtual Classrooms

Cohorts will be created and scheduled to participate in a series of virtual classroom experiences. Interact with your instructors and candidates as you learn and share experiences. 


One weekend of in-person sessions delivered in a local environment will provide for hands-on instruction and demonstration.

Video Assessment

Complete your course by submitting a video of your session with your players in your environment to be assessed by your coaching peers.