Advanced Diplomas

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United Soccer Coaches Advanced Diplomas

Build your coaching education experiences to reach the highest levels of coaching with the United Soccer Coaches Advanced Diplomas. When you complete these courses you will have earned a diploma that is respected industry-wide and enhances your coaching resume.

*United Soccer Coaches advanced education is a benefit of membership with the association. If you are not a current member, a one-year membership fee ($125) will be added onto your course registration. If you have any questions, please contact the Member Services Team at

Advanced Education Opportunities

United Soccer Coaches currently offers five Advanced Diplomas: National, Advanced National, Premier, National Youth, and Advanced National Goalkeeping.

Additionally, the association offers advanced education related to special topics and coaching levels. Explore the advanced education opportunities available to coaches below.

Some of the courses below are offered in a blended format. Click here to learn more.

National Diploma

This course acquaints the coach with the technical, tactical, psychological, and physical needs of soccer players and provides an organized and progressive methodology of coaching those needs.

Available in a blended format.

Advanced National Diploma

With an emphasis on training players within a team concept designed to produce a successful environment, this course focuses on the 9v9 model. The curriculum covers tactics within thirds of the field, match analysis, and more.

Available in a blended format. 

Premier Diploma

The association’s top technical award, Premier Diploma content includes a thorough examination of different systems of play, 11v11 topics, nutrition, leadership, personal development, and more.

Available in a blended format. 

National Youth Diploma

Dedicated to supporting the coach in the understanding and implementation of developmentally appropriate training protocols, particular attention is paid to players 11 and under, considering the physical, cognitive and social demands of the game. 

Available in a blended format.

Advanced National Goalkeeping Diploma

The top technical award of the United Soccer Coaches goalkeeping education program, this course focuses on integrating the goalkeeper into team training, developing the goalkeeper’s coordination with the team, and implementing the skill needed to direct their teammates in game situations.

High School Diploma

Totaling 10 hours, our updated High School Diploma takes a look at the ongoing duties of the high school coach and how to better prepare them for the responsibilities given to them in that position. This course is completed in two phases: pre-recorded webinars and live web calls. 

Available Online

Special Topics Diplomas

Available intermittently throughout the year, United Soccer Coaches Special Topics Diplomas offer specialized learning on today’s hottest topics.

To see the latest Special Topics Diplomas, please visit our Master Course Schedule.

Continuing Education

Through educational partnerships, United Soccer Coaches is able to offer continuing education opportunities with top-rated universities. 

Blended Advanced Diplomas

In response to the growing desire for online education, the association has created a blended format for the National, Advanced National, Premier, and Youth National Diploma that allows coaches to complete the majority of coursework online.

Online Resources

Upon Registration, you will receive access to online content within a few days to begin your course. Watch sessions and lessons from some of the best coaches.

Virtual Classrooms

Cohorts will be created to participate in a series of virtual classroom sessions. Interact with instructors and peers as you learn and share experiences.


One weekend of in-person sessions delivered in a local environment will provide for hands-on instruction and demonstration.

Video Assessment

Complete your course by submitting a video of your session with your players in your environment to be assessed by your coaching intructors.