Host a Course at Your Facility

Host a United Soccer Coaches Course at Your Facility

Take an active role in developing the level of coaching in your community by hosting a United Soccer Coaches course. Here are our top five reasons to sign up today!

1: Makes attending easier. No hotels, no travel, and you can use your own players as demonstrators so your coaches can focus on observing and absorbing the information.

2: Staff learns together. Your coaches know each other and are comfortable around one another so this creates the perfect learning environment. 

3Show how coaching education is important. Not only are you talking the talk, but you are walking the walk.

4: Group rates make the courses affordable. Eliminate the need for additional reimbursements while providing a robust savings.

5: Retain your coaches and players. Proper coaching is good for everyone!  Show your members, parents, board and community how you strive to be your best and your numbers will grow.

    Course Marketing Toolkits

    Click on the course name below to download the marketing and promotional toolkit.

    Developmental Courses

    Goalkeeping Courses

    Advanced Diplomas

    Special Topics Courses:


    • Development Courses: Foundations of Coaching Level 1, 2, 3
    • Goalkeeping Levels 1, 2, 3
    • Special Topics Courses


    • One (1) full-sized soccer field and one (1) classroom with presentation capabilities
    • Interested coaches (course minimum is 15)
    • An individual to handle on-site registration and administration


    • Stipend per candidate basis
    • Full access to course and curriculum
    • United Soccer Coaches Diplomas


    • Academy staff coach with United Soccer Coaches credentials
    • Marketing and promotional toolkits
    • Course curriculum and materials online and a printed manual of theory and practical content