How to Get Involved

If you are interested in getting involved in the association and have a desire to give back to the coaching community, then our Advocacy Groups are a great way to get your foot in the door:

• Each Advocacy Group has a Strategic Team that represents the membership, identifies the needs of that group’s coaches and works to bring change for the betterment of the coaching community.
• Our Advocacy Groups also serve as a pathway to leadership in the Association. There are opportunities to serve on Advocacy Group Strategic Teams or as a Chair of an Advocacy Group that also serves on the Advocacy Council.
• Through this pathway, members will gain a wider knowledge of the Association that would be a benefit for anyone wishing to run for the Board of Directors.

NEEDED-Youth Advocacy Council Chairs

The Advocacy Council is launching a search for Advocacy Council Chairs for Boys Youth Advocacy and Girls Youth Advocacy. As members of the Advocacy Council, these Chairs will represent the needs of Youth Coaches to the Advocacy Council and work on their behalf to address those needs. We encourage members of the youth soccer coaching community to apply for this position.

Youth Advocacy Chair JOB DESCRIPTION

Youth Advocacy Chair APPLICATION

NEEDED-College Advocacy Reps

The Advocacy Council is launching a search for Advocacy Representatives for DI, DII, DIII, NAIA and Junior College. There will be a Rep for each Division and Gender. These Reps will focus on the non-legislative needs of coaches in their Division and work with the Advocacy Council to address those needs. Please consider joining us as we work to improve the game for College Coaches! Qualified candidates are required to be a current member of United Soccer Coaches and hold a head coaching position at their college or university.

College Advocacy Rep JOB DESCRIPTION

College Advocacy Rep APPLICATION

To learn more about our Advocacy Groups, please visit the pages below: