KANSAS CITY, Mo. (Dec. 20, 2022) – United Soccer Coaches announced its new partnership with the Private Housing Network on Tuesday. Through this partnership, the Private Housing Network aims to assist United Soccer Coaches Members and their families with all their real estate needs. “We’re excited to expand our member benefits into new territory with this unique partnership with the Private Housing Network,” said Geoff VanDeusen, United Soccer Coaches Chief Executive Officer. “Through this partnership, the association is proud to offer our members benefits that expand beyond the soccer field.”The Private Housing Network is a collective of over 1,000 professional real estate agents serving over 330 markets across North America. From obtaining a real estate license to explaining the lifecycle of a transaction, each agent is experienced and has a passion for helping individuals through the real estate process.Through this partnership, the Private Housing Network will offer United Soccer Coaches Members real estate education, consultation programs, local housing leases and purchases, primary and secondary residence listings, and real estate investment opportunities covering residential, commercial, and land.United Soccer Coaches Members have access to a private and unique online portal where they can fill out a simple questionnaire outlining their real estate needs. It is filtered directly to the Private Housing Network’s executive leadership, who will hand select a local expert to reach out and meet with each member. The local real estate agents will come to the meetings prepared to present a tentative course of action and explain why they are the best fit for their real estate needs.Housing Assistance The Private Housing Network also specializes in representing United Soccer Coaches Members throughout the leasing, purchasing, listing (selling), or investing process. With experienced agents and real estate advisors in every major housing market, our coverage is unparalleled in North America – and even globally. Members can use the private portal to fill out information regarding their specific housing needs, whether that be renting, buying, selling, or finding an investment property. The vast network of real estate agents within the Housing Network covers over 330 markets across the US, giving us unparalleled resources and the ability to fulfill any housing need.Education The Private Housing Network’s number one priority is to serve as an educational resource to United Soccer Coaches Members interested in expanding their knowledge of real estate. From learning the basics of first-time home ownership to purchasing land with the intention of building an investment property to breaking into the commercial real estate space, the Private Housing Network works hand in hand with coaches to make informed decisions and reach their real estate goals. In addition to these basic education platforms, the Private Housing Network is also dedicated to helping members who have an interest in obtaining their real estate license for the purpose of earning referral commissions or developing a post-coaching career in real estate. Our high-caliber local real estate agents offer these education services, as a commitment to providing value to United Soccer Coaches Mmbers, for free with the intention of fostering an authentic relationship with the member and representing them down the line when they’re ready to purchase or sell a property. This method ensures that our agents will provide top-notch service, no matter what the real estate need is, and build authentic connections for long-term affiliation.The Private Housing Network has a large roster of certified agents, who are well-versed and thoroughly experienced with the real estate investment process. Coaches who have the ability and interest in joining our training or one-on-one educational sessions will leave equipped with all the tools necessary for success – a well-rounded knowledge of the current housing market and the confidence they need to make savvy investment decisions.For those members looking to start a career in real estate, making money comes from one of three ways: relationships, experience, or a combination of both. United Soccer Coaches Members with a passion for real estate may find it in their best interest to seek out formal real estate training. We connect the coach with a local agent who is available to guide them through the process of taking the prep courses and ultimately taking the state exam. This relationship can help the member prepare and have an advantage when they are ready to launch their real estate career.