As the “Home of All Coaches,” United Soccer Coaches and its LGBTQ+ & Allies Coaches Community offers a place of belonging as we break down barriers to participate at all levels of the game and create a truly safe space for all LGBTQ+ players, coaches, and supporters.

The LGBTQ+ & Allies Coaches Community was formed as an initiative of United Soccer Coaches (formerly NSCAA) President Jack Huckel. Openly gay high school coach Dan Woog organized a meeting at the 2014 United Soccer Coaches Convention and became the first Chair. Dan is now the representative of all of the Coaches Communities and a member of the United Soccer Coaches Board of Directors.

The LGBTQ+ & Allies Coaches Community continues to sponsor convention workshops, social events and advocate for our community. In October, we will continue with the Play with Pride Week and the Rainbow Laces Campaign. Look for us at the convention, too.

We believe every month is Pride month, but during the month of October when there’s an extra emphasis on celebrating our community during Play with Pride Week, we are reaching out to all of you! We are here to help and always welcome new members. Would you like to help and be active with our community? Would you like to serve on our strategic leadership team? We encourage you to get involved and reach out to us!

For more information, please sign up on our LGBTQ+ & Allies Coaches Community webpage. We encourage you to join our leadership team.

Thank you!

Shalom Kimble

Chair, LGBTQ+ & Allies Coaches Community