“Play with Pride.”

That’s the mantra of soccer teams everywhere. It has special meaning for LGBT people and allies. We all proudly affirm the dignity, equality and visibility of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender coaches, players, officials and fans, every time we lace up our boots.

At this time of year, United Soccer Coaches has offered rainbow laces to any team wanting to “Play with Pride.” Along with so much else, the coronavirus upended that tradition. Many teams cannot play this fall.

So we’ve found new ways to show our support of our LGBT colleagues and friends.

Throughout October, United Soccer Coaches’ LGBTQ & Allies Advocacy Group will sponsor three initiatives.

The first is Sunday, October 11. It’s a special webinar: “National Coming Out Day: Two Coaches’ Journeys.” Kaig Lightner and Shalom Kimble tell fascinating stories about their lives, and the impact their sexual orientations have had on their coaching careers. You’ll gain many important insights – and learn how to “coach with pride.”

At the end of the month, United Soccer Coaches’ social media will spotlight LGBTQ athletes throughout history. And we’re rolling out a series of videos highlighting exactly how some of our top teams “play with pride.”

Our October initiatives are marked by a rainbow logo. Enjoy them all — proudly!

Dan Woog, Chair
United Soccer Coaches LGBTQ & Allies Advocacy Group