Hello Coaches,

We are all human beings, we make ourselves known to one another by a variety of ways: language, race, values, politics, religion, national service, philosophy and a myriad of other elements common to the human race. What we must do is recognize the common humanity; as I believe that is the first step in the celebration of our differences. Those differences inform others of our cultures, our values, our minds, and all our ways of being to the world. Diversity is the principal method of informing others of our creative life force and the central reality in our understanding and stewardship of it.

As we enter the month of September and the subsequent Hispanic Heritage Month celebrations that will take place around the entire country from Sept 15- Oct 15, we wanted to share with you a little information about Latino Coaches community. The Latino Coaches community is one the most diverse communities in the Association; as being Latino means something different for the more than two dozen countries and cultures represented. Many share similar experiences and even the same language, but there isn’t just one narrative for the Latino community. Some only speak English, others speak only Spanish. Many speak both and even some that speak Creole or Portuguese.  Our one common denominator is the game and the impacts our coaching community makes on all levels of the game.  Again, our journeys may be different but that is what makes the game so beautiful and the enriched passion and culture around the game in the Latino community provides a lasting impact and legacy in the game.

In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, United Soccer Coaches will be honoring and spotlighting Hispanic members of our coaching community to celebrate those coaches and the wonderful things that they do to help our community.  We look forward to sharing the stories of these coaches and the impact they make on their communities.

Please join us in celebrating this month and throughout the year. If you would like more information about being a part of the United Soccer Coaches Latino Coaches Advocacy Group please email us. Latinocoaches@unitedsoccercoaches.org