The Faith-Based Coaches Advocacy Group distributes a newsletter to keep its members up to date on news, deadlines and other association happenings. The newsletter also serves to let members know what the group is working on, highlighting group members and information on how you can get involved. Below is a letter from group chair Mike Lynch. To read the full newsletter, click here.

Summer Greetings fellow Faith-Based Coaches (FBC)!

Lots happening in lots of places regarding lots of things, so I start with some thoughts to ponder:

  • do not be afraid
  • love your neighbor as you love yourself, the solution cannot be to love less
  • People always come first, Mission never comes second
  • understanding is not the foundation of relationships, acceptance is
  • forgiveness is a choice, a gift to ourselves, and 99.9% of the time, the right thing to do
  • learn from the past, live in the present, plan for the future

As we have done in past FBC newsletters, we highlight one of the seven Commitment to Culture cornerstones each newsletter with this issue being the 7th Cornerstone (SOCCER IS THE PLAYER’S GAME). I also invite you to explore the many new programming pieces (Iron Chats, Book Club, Mentor Program, Women of Faith) to meet the diverse and different needs of our members.

Your continued support and active participation in our FBC advocacy group makes a huge difference to:

1) Grow in our personal faith,

2) Share ideas with fellow coaches how faith informs our coaching,

3) Champion both sportsmanship/character development and sport performance/ development, and

4) Advocate for religious liberty and protect against religious persecution.

Thanks to all who contributed to this newsletter and to all the great work being done by so many to enhance our Faith-Based Coaches programming and guide United Soccer Coaches towards our collective future.

All the best,

Mike Lynch

Chair, Faith-Based Coaches Advocacy