KANSAS CITY, Mo. (Feb. 17, 2020) — United Soccer Coaches has withdrawn its proposed U.S. Soccer Federation bylaw amendment with a commitment from the At-Large members of the Federation that they will work with the coaches association to get a board vote for United Soccer Coaches in 2021.

“The At-Large members believe in principle that every member of U.S. Soccer should have representation in the board room,” said Mike Cullina, the At-Large Board Member for U.S. Soccer in addressing the U.S. Soccer National Council session during its Annual General Meeting over the weekend in Nashville, Tenn. “The members of the at-large are committed to working together toward a comprehensive review of the bylaw with the goal of bringing an amendment to the floor of this council in 2021 we can all support.”

An issue for the At-Large members has been the weighting of votes for their board member between large and smaller organizations. 

“Although not a specific issue for United Soccer Coaches, we do support fair representation for all members of U.S. Soccer. We agreed to put our bylaw on hold for this year to help craft a more comprehensive solution that can be voted on at the 2021 AGM,” said Lynn Berling-Manuel, CEO of United Soccer Coaches. “Our member coaches come from every soccer organization across the nation and we are committed to collaboration and cooperation with all of them.”

A long-time member of U.S. Soccer in the Associate Member category for organizations that don’t register players, United Soccer Coaches has all rights and responsibilities of any member, except Associate Members have no vote for the board member that represents them. 

The US Armed Forces Sports Council, which has also been in this membership category, co-sponsored the bylaw amendment.