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the love of the game

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Our Evolution

Value + Why = United Soccer Coaches

Our Value

We began this journey with looking at what we do as an association, and our value to our coaches.

We are the largest soccer coaches community in the world, uniting our coaches and elevating our game through Advocacy, Education, and Service.

Our Why

But what we say we do doesn’t necessarily tell anyone WHY we do it. So we asked ourselves the hard question: What is our true purpose (our “why”) and does our public identity reflect that purpose?

That lead to listening to our members tell us what’s most important to them.

Who We Serve

We asked our members to tell their stories of their best coach, and what they want their legacy to be. Despite their different levels and experiences, common threads emerged.

Common Threads

The game has changed over time, but there remains constants for coaches in our game.
These common threads unite our coaches no matter their place in the game.


Soccer is a culture. It is human nature to associate with others of similar interests.

Hear what Tribe meant
Listen to what Tribe means now


Visible growth. There is no greater pride for all coaches then seeing their teachings come to life in their players.

Hear what Pride meant
Listen to what Pride means now

The Game

Passing it on. We as coaches love soccer. We want our players to love it as much as we do.

Hear what The Game meant
Listen to what The Game means now

We Love The Game

How do we come to love a sport? In most cases, it’s because someone brought it to us. A parent. A relative. A friend. A coach. For many, we love a sport because we first saw the love in someone else.

We are all united towards a mission to teach, coach,
and mentor players to love the game.

Uniting Coaches

This is much more than a name and a logo. Our updated brand better reflects our service to our members. Below are just some of the things both current and new that United Soccer Coaches does to bring coaches together around the love of the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

Thank You

Today, we stand ready to assist soccer coaches no matter who they are, where they coach or the level of players they work with. For we believe that making one of us better makes all of us better. We are United Soccer Coaches, uniting coaches around the love of the game. Share your love of the game as well. Tell your networks why you coach or who your best coach was and use the hashtag #unitedsoccercoaches.

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