KANSAS CITY, Mo. (July 13, 2022) – United Soccer Coaches is pleased to announce a multi-year partnership with the soccer educational institute, Soccer Management Institute (SMI).SMI presents programs designed for coaches and students who want to excel on and off the pitch through life-changing experiences. The SMI methodology, rooted in deliberate practice, inspires players and coaches to become problem-solving leaders in today’s environment.“We’re incredibly excited to announce this new partnership and bring life-changing experiences to our membership through Soccer Management/Rome City Institute,” said Geoff VanDeusen, CEO of United Soccer Coaches. “Our members will see new and exciting ways to develop their skill sets and professional resumes while being fully immersed in education and soccer at the highest level in Rome, Italy.”United Soccer Coaches was pleased to welcome SMI to the 2022 United Soccer Coaches Convention in Kansas City and will do so again in Philadelphia from the 2023 Convention. SMI is committed to bringing elite coaches to the Convention and offering unique experiences and education opportunities to United Soccer Coaches members in the future.As one of the most prestigious sports educational institutes in Europe, SMI/Rome City offers both coaches and international student-athletes the opportunity to receive higher education, and for the athletes, play soccer in their professional soccer academy.The Institute offers a variety of education programs including a 1-year master’s degree program designed for those pursuing a career in the sports industry, undergraduate degrees in International Business Administration and Innovative Technologies for Digital Communities at the Link Campus University, a gap year program, and summer experiences combining travel and high-level soccer.“Soccer Management/Rome City Institute is proud to partner with United Soccer Coaches,” said Soccer Management Institute Chairman and Co-CEO Giorgio Antongirolami. “We share many common goals and ideas that are crucial in a mutually beneficial partnership for our coaches and players. Our institute offers solid educational programs aimed to the development of young coaches. Our undergraduate, master, and gap year programs will refine coaches’ skills and give them access to a truly tailor-made style of coaching soccer.”To learn more about Soccer Management Institute and their available programs, please visit www.romecityinstitute.com/smimethodology/