With COVID-19 putting a halt to all in-person training this spring, coaches and teams have shifted to distance learning and giving their players individual workouts to complete on their own. That change has brought about some questions from members as it pertains to their liability insurance and its coverage. One such question came in from an association member. 

“As a United Soccer Coaches member I know that one of my benefits is a $1 million general liability policy that protects me in most all of my teaching and training activities coaching soccer. In light of COVID-19 and the inability for me to do any in-person training with my players, does the policy cover such activities over distance learning platforms?”

The answer is yes; members are still covered by the policy. K&K Insurance Group is the underwriter of liability insurance for many sports associations including United Soccer Coaches. They respond that since the policy does not differentiate between live or virtual training, coaches are covered for their activities over distance learning platforms and these training sessions are not excluded.

The general liability coverage is a personal liability policy (excess) that follows the member in his/her coaching and teaching capacity of soccer. It is underwritten by K&K Insurance Group, rated “A” (excellent) by A.M. Best. Because it is an association held policy, additional insured cannot be added to the policy nor can the limits be changed. This coverage typically comes into play when a lawsuit is filed against the coach for bodily injury or property damage.

Note: Other Insurance Options for Members
A reminder that other insurance plans are also available to members through programs put in place by the association.  For further information about those follow this link to the member benefits page about insurance: https://unitedsoccercoaches.org/join/member-benefits/insurance/