Molly Grisham, a member of the Women Coaches Advocacy Group, recently put out a fantastic YouTube video on how to make the most of Zoom. For this month’s Coaches Corner blog, we reached out to her to learn more. First, a little bit about her background…

Molly has 20 years of experience coaching at the collegiate, high school, and club levels and previously served as the Head Coach at Wayne State College and the University of Illinois-Springfield. She now owns her own business working with educators, corporate groups, and athletic teams by providing leadership development, team building, custom workshops, and personality assessments.

When we asked her about her Zoom tutorial, this is what she had to say:

“Because my work is experiential, I wanted to find ways to help coaches connect on a deeper level even though they may be at a distance. I decided to take some of the tools I use when I am face-to-face with a group and modify them to be used with an online platform. As a facilitator, when I walk into a room, I can generally gauge the energy level or how a team is feeling, but that is difficult to do remotely. Using these tools, “check-ins”, allow a coach to get a better sense of where the team is before they jump into a meeting with their players. I’m excited about the response to this content and I am planning to release more ideas soon. If anyone has questions or if they would like a copy of the slides they can reach me at”

The link to her Zoom tutorial can be found here:

Make sure to check out it and let us know how you’re using Zoom to keep in touch with your teams, administrators, and each other!