The LGBTQ and Allies Advocacy Group distributes a newsletter to keep its members up to date on news, deadlines and other association happenings. The newsletter also serves to let members know what the group is working on, highlighting group members and information on how you can get involved. This newsletter focuses on Pride Month, celebrated in June. Below is a letter from group chair Dan Woog, To read the full newsletter, click here.

Happy Pride!

This is the month when the LGBTQ community celebrates who we are. We show the world we are everywhere – including the soccer field.

We show the world that we have fun. For United Soccer Coaches’ LGBTQ & Allies advocacy group, that includes the great social event that Brie Smith put together for June 6.

We show the world that we work hard too. Our group is creating content for the Soccer Journal, for our Play With Pride rainbow laces week in September, for United Soccer Coaches podcasts and blogs, and for the Diversity and Inclusion e-learning module we pioneered a few years ago.

We show the world that we are a wide, diverse community. There’s no better example than Kaig Lightner’s strong, passionate voice for trans issues. He authored United Soccer Coaches’ statement opposing anti-trans sports legislation, and was a very articulate guest on United Soccer Coaches podcast podcast last month.

We show the world that we work hard too.

We show the world the importance of allies. We are supported by many other advocacy United Soccer Coaches advocacy groups. The Black, Latino, Native American, faith-based, disabilities, women’s, college, high school and youth groups all stand by our side. We work together with them, on many projects. They are learning about and working with their LGBTQ players and colleagues with love and respect. And they know we’ll be there for them, when they need us.

Let’s also give a shout-out to the United Soccer Coaches staff in Kansas City, who are behind us on every step of our journey. We are particularly proud that Jonas Worth – one of our earliest and most stalwart members – is the organization’s new Communications Officer. Congratulations, Jonas!

During Pride Month – and all 11 others each year – I am very proud of what our LGBTQ & Allies advocacy group does. We rock! But we can’t do it alone. Our leadership team – Brie, Kaig, Jonas, Shalom Kimble, David Gough, Robin Hart and I – need you. Please let us know what you need, and how you can help.

It takes a village. Thanks for being part of ours. Thanks too for “playing on our team.” Of all the ones I’ve coached, this is my favorite.


Dan Woog