These are tough times, for sure. As coaches, we’re used to being in control – or at least knowing what’s ahead, and planning for it.

The coronavirus is a foe we’ve never faced. But as soccer coaches we are tough, flexible, creative, ready for anything.

At the same time, we recognize how difficult these times are. You are taking care of your athletes. They are our number one priority – now, more than ever. We thank you for all you do

Yet you also must take care of yourselves. In these stressful times – when you worry about finances, families, relationships, homes, health and the future, in addition to your athletes, teams, clubs and colleagues – please take time for yourself.

United Soccer Coaches is here for you. You can read about some of the resources below.

Our LGBT & Allies advocacy group is here for you too. We may not have all the answers, but we will do our best to help. We are, after all, “United” Soccer Coaches. Feel free to reach out if there is anything you need.

We will get through this – together. That’s the power of our advocacy group, our strong organization, and our amazing sport.

LGBT & Allies Advocacy Group Leadership Team

Dan Woog, chair
Kaig Lightner
Brie Smith
Jonas Worth 

The first place to go for information is United Soccer Coaches’ COVID-19 Resource Page (click here). It includes:

  • United Soccer Coaches’ response
  • Membership dues deferral request
  • Membership services help; click for dropdown info on financial resources (unemployment, small business funds, CARES Act)
  • Professional development, including how to work remotely, and advice for clubs and parents (the Match Day Webinars with Vince Ganzberg and Ian Barker are great!)
  • Health and safety, with information for players

The “Financial Resources” info (under “Membership services” above) is particularly important. It has links to the Small Business Administration’s EIDL funding. This provides an automatic advance of up to $10,000 for applicants – including independent contractors, sole proprietors and self-employed people. Click here for the direct link.

There is also this superb video on how to apply the CARES Act for your club. Haley Carter, the great chair of the Women’s Coaches Advocacy group, moderated. Click below to see.

You should also be aware of the Paycheck Protection program, for non-profits and sole proprietors (both applicable to soccer clubs and coaches). It provides grants for 2.5 times the average annual payroll. It can cover labor, rent and utilities if you operate a facility. Once you get the loan you document your expenses for 8 weeks; you can then apply for loan forgiveness. Click here; during the application process click on “Services,” then check “Education,” “Miscellaneous” or “None of the Above.”

All in-person United Soccer Coaches coaching courses have been canceled through April. Summer courses are still TBD.

Time on your hands? (Yeah, right!) United Soccer Coaches is always looking for your insights. How has COVID-19 impacted what you do? What’s your life like now? Do you have a special way of working with your team remotely? Want to be featured in a United Soccer Coaches blog or webinar?

Finally, a big shout-out to Haley Carter, chair of the black coaches’ advocacy group, for providing some of the info in this newsletter. And thanks to Marguerite Ferrell, Chair of the Youth Coaches Advocacy group, for the following resources. Enjoy!


For Players:

  1. Colorado Rush Visual Learning Center (VLC) 

Physical Learning – Player receive individual training sessions

Visual / Aural Learning – Videos to stimulate the players mind and provoke thought (google form quiz/questionnaire is accompanied and completed after the player watches the videos)

Reading / Writing – Player to read documents on the Rush Way Philosophy and take tests which are submitted to DOC’s

By clicking on the link below you’ll see week 1, as content has been created for 3 weeks and we will add each week, so they don’t go on and complete the work all at once or prior to the timeline we have set.  We plan to create content for week 4, 5, and 6 over the next 3 weeks.

Colorado Rush Visual Learning Center (VLC)

  1. Clubs are partnering with BeastModeSoccer for players to have an at home training program.  Most clubs have coordinated a rate of $7 per month instead of the usual $20.   Email Dave you (
  1. Erica Suter, a soccer-specific fitness consultant is putting together “at home workouts” for players getting two activities for the next 7 days.  She has a lot of resources on her twitter page below, and players can signup for the free workouts via her website:

  1. Penn Fusion, PA – Zone 1 activities (attached) & ECNL/DA Personal Workout books (attached)
  2. SheBelieves Academy Workbook and Facilitation Guide. The Online Academy is a self-guided digital learning tool consisting of information and activities to guide individuals through various topics centered around confidence and career.

SheBelieves Online Academy can be accessed through the SheBelieves portal and includes resources (videos, articles, workbooks, facilitation guides, and more) that can be utilized individually or as part of a group. It has been created in a way that you can learn something whether you simply watch one video or complete all the modules.

  1. Community Service Project:

Families – 

I wanted to share a community service opportunity that I think would make a massive impact.  This is not in any way, shape, or form required, but merely something you can do if you are so inclined.

With the Coronavirus conditions, one of the most affected groups is the elderly. Those who are in nursing homes have mostly now had visitors banned to keep them safe.  For many, this can lead to an incredible sense of loneliness and depression.

We can help combat this, not by visits, but by writing some uplifting letters to residents.  As mentioned, not at all required, but if you are looking for a way to serve, this is a tremendous opportunity. 

Here are some nursing homes you could write to (feel free to write anywhere though!):

(Complete a list of local nursing homes and addresses in your community)


For Coaches:

Designing a Periodization Plan Webinar (Replay Link)


Creating Individual Development Plans (For Players) w/ David Copeland-Smith (Replay Link)


Dan Abrahams Webinar by Beyond Pulse: Creating a Game Face (Psychology) (Replay Link):


Skye Eddie Bruce: Soccer Parenting (Replay Link):


All of Beyond Pulse’s webinar series (They run Webinar Wednesdays), are uploaded to the United Soccer Coaches Online Resource Library and can be found by searching “Beyond Pulse Webinars” under the “Types” column:


Jon Lipsitz: Webinar Tactical Series:

Jon is the former coach at UK, ran OP for quite a while, and then was recently an assistant at Cal.  He did a brilliant webinar last night on playing the 4-4-2 box in & out of possession which was really insightful, there is a lot of great minds that hopped on there. He is going to be doing 2-3 a week during this shut down, he always puts up the links for the webinars the day of.  He uses Zoom, so download the software to be able to watch.  Here is a link to his Twitter page where he posts the links (these so far have not been recorded so have to watch live):


Top Strategies to Stay Positive through Challenges & Change:

Registration Link:


2018 World Cup Matches in Tactical Cam:

Please keep these to yourself/download to your computer as too many downloads and they will disappear from Dropbox.  This is links to full games from the world cup in tactical cam view:


Matt Danaher from SoccerPulse is doing a free coaching education webinar series.  Week one will feature Stevie Grieve, David Copeland Smith, Dan Abrahams, Skye Eddie Bruce, and Tom Shields.  Here is a link to the announcement and you can follow his social media for more information:


Gary Curneen runs Modern Soccer Coach, and has put together a fantastic online platform to share activities, webinars, etc.  It is very cheap considering what you get but you can get a FREE trial to check it out, and can always cancel at the end:


Doug Lemov is one of the industry leaders in regards to the effective practice of teaching both in the classroom as well as applicable lessons to sport.  He started a blog recently that has got some great insight and information:


Total Football Analysis magazine is a tremendous resource I personally subscribe to.  It is a monthly rate, and is great value if you have the time to read through everything.  I have included the March edition for you to take a look at as a resource, and your welcome to subscribe if you find it valuable:


Soccer IQ:

Soccer IQ Education has a lot of great free resources, analyses, videos, and more.



Adin Osmabasic

Adin is now an analyst at Atlanta United DA program, but has been putting good information out for years.  Below are links to his website, youtube, and twitter.


Soccer Psychology Book:

Dan Abrahams, a sports psychologist, has a great book on mental toughness for soccer. And it is FREE. And, he has some other great resources on his website.



This is an online resource that has full games from years past, so if you are craving watching some full games this is your place: