The Faith-Based Advocacy Group distributes a quarterly to inform group members, and those who may be interested in joining, what the group has been working on. The newsletter includes helpful articles, tips, and information on how to get involved with the group. Below is a letter from group chair Mike Lynch. To read the full newsletter, click here.

Welcome Spring! Even though I like May flowers, I’d rather not see more April showers!

Spring also welcomes several significant world religions’ holy days, sacred periods and holidays that are here or coming very soon. Check out our World Religions guide highlighting key events, meals and other customs for each world religion’s major spiritual days.

  • Passover for the Jews (March 27-April 4)
  • Holy Week culminating with Easter Sunday for the Christians (March 28 – April 4)
  • Ramadan for the Muslims (April 13 – May 13)
  • Buddha Day for our Buddhist members (April 8)
  • Holi and Navratri celebrated by our Hindu members on March 28-29 and April 13-22, respectively.

This newsletter is packed full of new and exciting ways to get involved and stay in touch with fellow Faith-Based Coaches advocacy members. Check out lots of returning and new powerful programming. I encourage you to find at least one program and give it a try. Everyone’s participation will make a difference.

Speaking of difference, one word can make a big difference. “Freedom of Religion” and “Freedom from Religion” have two entirely different meanings and consequences. One is the freedom to practice your personal faith; the other is a gateway to religious persecution. While Freedom of Religion remains, at least for now, constitutionally protected, it may be prudent to engage this space more deliberately before protections become more eroded or even completely lost.

What to do? I saw this quote today from Mother Teresa of Calcutta recommending prayer, “I used to believe that prayer changes things, but now I know that prayer changes us, and we change things.” Please add this intention to your prayers while we remember our faith also teaches us that a viable solution is never to love less. Perhaps we can all agree to pray and love more while we also engage the public square in a greater way to protect our precious religious liberty.

Mike Lynch

Chair, Faith-Based Coaches Advocacy