Cynthia Cervantes

Head Coach Western Texas College, Women’s Soccer
Director of Coaching El Paso Juventus F.C.
ODP Coach New Mexico Youth Soccer 

“Heritage ties to many things for me. It’s about who I am, my ethnic roots, my philosophy, values, and personal experiences to get to where I am today. Everywhere I go I am very grateful and I take my heritage with me.”

Can you tell us about your coaching experience, who you are and what you do?

My coaching journey has been full of experiences, it all started at the age of twelve. I was removed from a team due to lack of payment. This is what encouraged me to become the greatest coach I could be. I started coaching at the age of sixteen in my hometown El Paso Texas, volunteering, and reaching out to coaches in the community, after searching El Paso Juventus Football club allowed me to be a collegiate player and provided coaching education. After graduation, I became a Physical Education Teacher, Director of Coaching, and a mom, adopting my daughter all while continuing to pursue coaching education through the U.S. Soccer and United Soccer Coaches. I am very grateful to be an Ohio alumnus and after completing my Master’s in Recreation & Sport Science, I became a professor and a college Coach, Director of Coaching of El Paso Juventus F.C., and Coach for New Mexico Youth Soccer.


What does heritage mean to you?

Heritage applies to many things for me. It’s about who I am, my ethnic roots, my philosophy, my values, and my personal experiences to get to where I am today. Everywhere I go I am very grateful and I take my heritage with me. One Word “Si se puede”- Yes you Can!


Who introduced you to the beautiful game of soccer? 

Mi papa! My dad, my hero, introduced me to the beautiful game of soccer and of course the boys from the Lower Valley, “Barrio”. 

Why do you think coaching education is important? 

“If you are not willing to learn no one can help you, if you are willing to learn no one can stop you” Zig Ziglar. My view of education is both personal and professional and it ties to my philosophy and values and experiences. I truly care about my student-athletes, nutrition, rest, periodization, and state of mind. Regardless of if I am dealing with grassroots players or professional players, I believe there is always something to learn. As a coach, it is my responsibility to teach and pay it forward to my student-athletes and to not forget that they matter because without them I wouldn’t be a coach. 

How do you balance life and work? 

As far as life, being a mom is rewarding and my family is important, I balance quality time with my daughter via video chat, phone call, or text message. I try to build memories even if it’s 2 hours or a whole weekend. I always try to make the best of it and communicate as much as possible with them. As far as my passion as a college coach, professor and director of coaching, i incorporate communication, time management, planning, organization in order to create that balance.

What is your coaching philosophy? 

Coach to be a source of guidance and show athletes they can overcome adversity, enjoy sports and become better human beings. Excel beyond their own limits and pay it forward to youth soccer or any sport. 

Do you have mentors and how has their mentorship helped you? 

I am very grateful to have mentors such as Alejandro Martin del Campo, Rick Flores, Brandi Chastain, Jim Gardner, Dr. Carr, and Dr. Vanessa Martinez Lagunas. They are all great examples of leadership, perseverance, courage, dedication, and commitment to the sport. I am where I am today, because of them, day to day they continue to share their knowledge, advice, and guidance, and I am beyond blessed and humbled to have them be part of my life.