KANSAS CITY, Mo. (Jan. 19, 2023) – United Soccer Coaches announced a new partnership with Topodium Group, the sports, health and leisure marketing and consultancy agency, on Thursday.

The partnership makes Topodium Group an Official Education and Content Partner of the association. With this partnership, Topodium Group will support United Soccer Coaches Members with an exclusive series of free educational webinars, discounted marketing masterclasses, and exclusive offers on brand and marketing services, all aimed at supporting players, clubs, associations and organisations to level up their marketing in 2023 and beyond.

Topodium Group has already delivered two webinars to United Soccer Coaches Members, with focuses on sustainable solutions to enhancing soccer clubs’ overall brand image and website.

“Topodium Group has the knowledge, skills and experience within the world of soccer to really make a difference to our members’ brand and marketing activities,” said Brandon Milburn, United Soccer Coaches Director fo Strategic Growth. “It is essential we are providing value to our members in varied ways, and this partnership with Topodium Group helps us upskill, nurture new learning, and develop our members ability to level up their clubs, teams and organisations. Already members are accessing Topodium Group’s webinars and really seeing the benefits. We look forward to this relationship flourishing further across the year.”

Members of the agency were able to attend the 2023 United Soccer Coaches Convention in Philadelphia to offer video and photo support to United Soccer Coaches National Office. Additionally, Co-Founder and Head of Commercial for Topodium Group, Chris Sharman, presented an interactive seminar titled ‘Level Up Your Branding Game’, providing quick, impactful and cost-effective solutions to take club and team branding to new heights.

“Having spent much of my career working within the soccer industry across the globe, it is evident that United Soccer Coaches is the trusted and unifying voice of the game many of us love,” said Sharman. “Their dedication and commitment to growing the game for players, coaches and clubs is at the forefront of their mission, and all of us at Topodium Group are delighted to play a role in this. By providing their members with marketing and branding expertise, and access to our services, we are able to further the impact on clubs’ commercial growth. It is a huge honour to be working with such a respected and widely acknowledged organisation doing great things for soccer in the United States.”

More information on the Topodium Group’s masterclass will be released in the following month. To learn more about Topodium Group, visit topodiumgroup.com.

Topodium Group

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