The Latino Coaches Advocacy Group distributes a monthly newsletter to keep its members up to date on news, deadlines and other association happenings. The newsletter also serves to let members know what the group is working on, highlighting group members and information on how you can get involved. Below is a letter from group chair Julio Serrano. To read the full newsletter, click here.


Fellow Coaches,

A lot can change and has changed in the last year. The little positive things we do day in and day out may not seem like much when you’re actually doing them, but if you step back and look at them with the big picture in mind, you will find you have a lot to be thankful and grateful for.

Sometimes it can be difficult for us to see how far we’ve come, especially if we compare where we were last year at this time. However, reflecting on your past gives you the space and time to see just how far you’ve come in our journey.

Had you told me that I would be preparing for a fall season with training and no games. I would have not believed you. Yet as we reflect on where we once were early this year has allowed me to see how far we as a Latino Advocacy Coaches Group have come. I take great pride in where we are right now despite the challenges I know that we have all faced and we will continue to face in the forseeable future.

All I ask is that you continue to help support your family, players, teams and your coaching community now more than ever. They need us not just as a coach but as a friend.


Latino Advocacy Chair
Julio C Serrano

Latino Advocacy Vice Chair
Jacob Morrison