The Latino Coaches Advocacy Group distributes a monthly newsletter to keep its members up to date on news, deadlines and other association happenings. The newsletter also serves to let members know what the group is working on, highlighting group members and information on how you can get involved. Below is a letter from group chair Julio Serrano. To read the full newsletter, click here

Fellow Coaches,

As we begin to see some communities in the United States starting youth soccer activities, we would like to remind coaches and administrators of youth organizations that they should consult with state and local health officials to determine if and how to put into place the return to play considerations. Implementation should be guided by what is practical, acceptable, and specific for each community. Return to play considerations are meant to supplement and not to surpass or replace any state and local laws or safety regulations with which youth organizations must comply.

I understand that many of you may be in the regression of normalcy as others may be returning to uncertainty. Know that we are all in the same storm together but not in the same boat. Please continue to take precautions, be smart, and continue to help each other as best we can.

Latino Advocacy Chair
Julio C Serrano

Latino Advocacy Vice Chair
Jacob Morrison