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Important! College AWARDS ANNOUNCEMENTS AS OF August 24. Please Click here to read!

Eligibility for United Soccer Coaches awards programs at the intercollegiate level is through College Services membership.

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Award Name Who Can Win Open Date Close Date
All-America College Players TBD TBD
Scholar All-America College Players 2/15/21 5/15/21
Player of the Week College Players  Weekly  Weekly
Senior College Staff of the Year College Coaches TBD TBD
Junior College Staff of the Year College Coaches TBD TBD
Team Academic Award College Teams 5/17/21 9/10/21
Team Ethics and Sportsmanship Award College Teams TBD TBD
Team Pinnacle Award College Teams N/A N/A
Missouri Athletic Club (MAC) Hermann Trophy College Players N/A N/A
Bill Jeffrey Award One Member Each Year 9/1/20 10/19/20
Coaching Milestone Victories College Coaches Ongoing Ongoing