High School Rankings

High School Rankings


United Soccer Coaches provide both National and Regional High School Rankings for boys and girls in the Fall, Winter and Spring seasons.

If you are a current coach of a boys’ or girls’ high school team and can provide accurate information on the strength of teams in your area, region or state, please send an e-mail to awards@UnitedSoccerCoaches.org.

In order to ensure that your message is passed on to the correct regional representative, you must specify whether you are referring to a boys’ or girls’ team, and include the city and state in which the school is located. You may also use the address to nominate teams for inclusion in the rankings. Please be specific when supplying information. The more information you provide, the better the committee will be able to evaluate your team.

2023 Winter High School Rankings Calendar

Ranking No. Boys Girls
1 Jan. 3 Jan. 3
2 Jan. 17 Jan. 17
3 Feb. 7 Feb. 7
4 Feb. 21 Feb. 21
5 March 14 March 14
Final Postseason* April 18 April 18

*Rankings dates are subject to change. 

High School Rankings Procedures and Criteria

Click here to view the procedures and criteria for the United Soccer Coaches High School Rankings program.