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Foundation Grant and Scholarship Applications

Each year our United Soccer Coaches Foundation awards scholarships to members who need it most. There are three types of scholarships: Convention, Education, and Host-a-Course.

Our application process opened on Monday, August 1st, 2022 and will closed on Friday, September 23rd, 2022.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Sara Mason, Development Officer at smason@unitedsoccercoaches.org, or call Membership Services at (816) 471-1941.


  • Current United Soccer Coaches Member; and
  • Committed to the advancement of diversity and inclusion in the game of soccer; and
  • Dedicated to serving the needs of under-served groups or communities; and/or
  • Dedicated to serving the development of minority coaches; and
  • Have a demonstrable financial need; and
  • Be 18+ at the time of applying
  • Should applicant be selected for a scholarship, they commit to using the award by 12/31/2023


All grant requests, including all supporting materials, become the property of United Soccer Coaches Foundation and will not be returned. United Soccer Coaches Foundation reserves the right to reject any grant request.

Organization(s) and individuals receiving a grant or scholarship from United Soccer Coaches Foundation will be required to utilize their award within 12 months of being notified.

Past Grant Recipients

Class of 2022
  • Marilys Acosta-Puerto Rico (Denise Dallamora Fund)
  • Ana Rebell-Puerto Rico (Hort and Helen Richardson Fund)
  • Jennifer Ireland-Tennessee (Joe Cummings Convention Scholarship Fund)
  • Katie Hill-McGrath-North Carolina (Roy and Terrie Gordon Fund)
  • Jhoana Astudillo-Puerto Rico (Walt Chyzowych Fund)
  • Pablo Jimenez-North Carolina (Jay and Priscilla Engeln Fund)
  • Pearse Branigan-Michigan (Hank Steinbrecher Fund)
  • Rafael Garzon-Georgia (Sub Air Fund)
  • Rebecca Luttrell-South Carolina (Anson Dorrance Fund)
  • Robert Pels-Indiana (Greg and Vesta Mauch Fund)
  • Dawn Crow-Wisconsin (Dan Woog Staples High School/LGBTQ Fund)
  • Rob McCaffrey-Canada (DiCicco Fund)
  • Tawanda Kaseke-Florida (Bill and Kay Holleman Fund)
  • Tyler Weiss-Pennsylvania (Robby and Kate Robinson Fund)
  • Joe Basso-Michigan (Walt Chyzowych Fund)
  • Katy Coseglia-Alaska (Michael L. Curry Scholarship Fund)
  • Omar Garcia-New York (Miller Bugliari Fund)
  • Romain Lopez-Indiana (Bob Seddon Fund)
  • Stephanie Banuelos-California (Cliff McCratch Fund)
  • Ashley St Aubin-Minnesota (Gooding-Crosby Fund)
  • Bradley Eckerson-New York (Dave Amsler Fund)
  • John Hollowell-Michigan (Matt Cushing Fund)
  • Megan Kaczmarek-Minnesota (Doug May Fund)
  • Ocires Morales-Oregon (Horst and Helen Richardson Fund)
  • Pablo Rodrigues-Jorge-Washington (Ray Reid Family Fund)
  • Romaric Setodji-Wisconsin (Michael L. Curry Scholarship Fund)
  • Mboutidem James-Nigeria (Red Apron Fund)
  • Noor Alam-India (Ron Mceachen Fund)
  • Heather Arney-Washington (adidas Fund)
  • Jason Brown-Indiana (Jerry and Marilyn Yeagley Fund)
  • Kick It Forward-Iowa (Williams-Kenyon Vennell Fund)
  • Bluesprings Youth Soccer Association-Georgia (Bill and Kay Holleman Fund)
  • Des Moines Soccer Club-Iowa (Walt Chyzowych Fund)
  • Chattanooga FC Foundation-Tennessee (Gooding-Crosby Fund)
Class of 2021

2020 brought us a year unlike any other. To best serve our membership, 100% of our Endowed Funds supported a shift in how we gave out scholarships for that year. Rather than the traditional scholarships we usually award, we helped renew and award memberships to those who were in most need. While these names will be kept anonymous, we were able to give out almost 200 memberships to assist our coaches in need! 

Class of 2020
  • Wisconsin Youth Soccer Association-Wisconsin (adidas Fund)
  • Chelsea Patterson-California (Anson Dorrance Fund)
  • Lauren Glancy-Georgia (Charlotte Moran Memorial Scholarship Fund)
  • Bobbi Katona-Washington (Cliff McCrath Fund)
  • Emily Michaels-Nebraska (Denise Dallamora Fund)
  • Kashif Anthony-New York (Doug May Memorial Fund)
  • Janet Hertz-Indiana (Greg and Vesta Mauch Fund)
  • Robert McCaffery-Canada (Horst and Helen Richardson Fund)
  • Bryan Turner-Missouri (Michael L. Curry Scholarship Fund)
  • Ali Feuer-Ohio (Miller and Elizabeth Bugliari Fund)
  • Daniel Szolosi-Ohio (Rob and Kate Robinson Fund)
  • Umoja Saint Louis, Inc.-Missouri (Walt Chyzowych Fund)
  • Mario Orihuela-Tennessee (Walt Chyzowych Fund)
  • Kenniel Martin-Connecticut (Bob Seddon Fund)
  • Deborah Pekel-Kentucky (Jerry and Marilyn Yeagley Fund)
  • Jason Brown-Indiana (Jerry and Marilyn Yeagley Fund)
  • Wendy Loque-Kansas (Joe Cummings Convention Scholarship Fund)
  • Kia McNeill-Rhode Island (Joe Cummings Convention Scholarship Fund)
  • Michelle McCaw-Florida (Red Apron Fund)
  • Spencer Sandow-Michigan (Red Apron Fund)
  • Romaric Setodji-Wisconsin (Ron McEachen Fund)
  • Chattanooga FC Foundation/Operation Get Active-Tennessee (CCL Dave Amsler Fund)
  • DC SCORE-Washington D.C. (Gooding-Crosby Fund)
  • Dean Lothian-Chicago (Hank Steinbrecher Fund)
  • Sandra Palma-Kansas (Jay and Priscilla Engeln Fund)
  • High Country Soccer Association-Colorado (Soccer Diploma Initiative)
  • Haley Crater-Texas (Tony DiCicco Fund)
  • Soccer Club of Reedsburg-Wisconsin (WilliamsKenyon Vennell Fund)
  • Luke Finkelstein-Massachusetts (Matt Cushing Fund)
  • Rafael Garzon-Georgia (Bill and Kay Holleman Fund)
  • Edgar Esparza-Kansas (General Fund)
  • Abdi Islow-Missouri (General Fund)
  • Nichole Tiggs-Nebraska (General Fund)
  • Jose Espinoza-California (General Fund)
  • Kendel Richey-Hawaii (General Fund)
Class of 2019
  • Michael Magid-California (adidas Fund)
  • Ellis Riley-Nebraska (Anson Dorrance Fund)
  • Michelle Okumura-Georgia (Bill and Kay Holleman Fund)
  • Amy Gilmore-Ohio (Charlotte Moran Memorial Scholarship Fund)
  • Juan Marroquin-California (Cliff McCrath Fund)
  • Rachel Hines-Georgia (Denise Dallamora Fund)
  • Jose Espinoza-California (Doug May Memorial Fund)
  • Steve Schraer-Florida (Greg and Vesta Mauch Fund)
  • Richard Henderson-Idaho (Horst and Helen Richardson Fund)
  • Danielle Pollard-New York (Michael L. Curry Scholarship Fund)
  • Edgar Escalante-Massachusetts (Miller and Elizabeth Bugliari Fund)
  • Luis Pulido-Nebraska (Rob and Kate Robinson Fund)
  • Humberto Rico-California (Walt Chyzowych Fund)
  • Arturo Lopez-North Carolina (Walt Chyzowych Fund)
  • Amy Harrison-Canada (Bob Seddon Fund)
  • Claire Knock-California (Jerry and Marilyn Yeagley Fund)
  • Rob McCaffrey-Canada (Jerry and Marilyn Yeagley Fund)
  • Etienne Sequeira-Louisiana (Joe Cummings Convention Scholarship Fund)
  • Daniel Toulson-Massachusetts (Joe Cummings Convention Scholarship Fund)
  • Jaimie Facchini-Oregon (Red Apron Fund)
  • Luis Salas-Colorado (Red Apron Fund)
  • Diego Barrios-Missouri (Ron McEachen Fund)
  • Chattanooga FC Foundation/Operation Get Active-Tennessee (CCL Dave Amsler Fund)
  • GPS Foundation-Massachusetts (Gooding-Crosby Fund)
  • Illinois Youth Soccer Association-Illinois (Hank Steinbrecher Fund)
  • Lander Strikers-Wyoming (Horst and Helen Richardson Fund)
  • High Country Soccer Association-Colorado (Jay and Priscilla Engeln Fund)
  • America SCORES Chicago-Illinois (Jozy Altidore Urnam Soccer Diploma Initiative)
  • LA Goalkeeping Academy-California (Tony DiCicco Fund)
  • South Tangi Youth Soccer Association-Louisiana (WilliamsKenyon Vennell Fund)
  • St. Pauls Soccer Association-North Carolina (For The Good Of The Game Initiative)
Class of 2018
  • Richard Henderson- Twin Falls, Idaho (Walt Chyzowych Memorial Fund)
  • Eddie Sequeira- Abita Springs, Louisiana (Anson Dorrance Fund)
  • Lisa Berg- St. Paul, Minnesota (DiCicco Fund)
  • Lauren Bernard- Burlington, Vermont (Denise Dallamora Fund)
  • Jose Espinoza- Pomona, California (Miller and Elizabeth Bugliari Fund)
  • Emmanuel Nieves- Dixon, California (Cliff McCrath Fund)
  • Timothy Tryon- Stafford, Virginia (Rob and Kate Robinson Fund)
  • Markus Davidson- Richland, Washington (Michael L. Curry Scholarship Fund)
  • Jeremy Grizzle- Ashland, Kentucky (Mauch Fund)
  • Nesta Ofori Agyapong- Kasoa, Ghana (adidas Fund)
  • Robert McCaffrey- Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada (Bob Seddon Fund)
  • Andrea Largey- Jackson, Wyoming (Joe Cummings Convention Fund)
  • Rich Feistel- Dexter, New York (Joe Cummings Convention Fund)
  • Julian Ramirez- Chattanooga, Tennessee (Joe Cummings Convention Fund)
  • Jose Mesquita- Sandy, Utah (Red Aprons Fund)
  • Alonso Ortega- Mexico City, Mexico (Red Aprons Fund)
  • Gritt Broening- Teaneck, New Jersey (Red Aprons Fund)
  • Jordan Hillmick- Pendleton, Oregon (Red Aprons Fund)
  • Liga Internacional- Cedarburg, Wisconsin (Jerry and Marilyn Yeagley Fund)
  • High Country Soccer Association- Silverthorne, Colorado (Horst and Helen Richardson Fund)
  • Annapolis Soccer Club- Annapolis, Maryland (Williams-Kenyon Vennell Fund)
  • Street Soccer USA- New York, New York (Walt Chyzowych Memorial Fund)
  • Chattanooga FC Foundation- Chattanooga, Tennessee (Bill and Kay Holleman Fund)
  • DC Stoddert Soccer- Washington DC (Doug May Memorial Fund)
  • Golden Mile Soccer- Frederick, Maryland (CCL Dave Amsler Fund)
  • Blaine Soccer Club- Blaine, Minnesota (Gooding-Crosby Fund)
  • Chantilly Youth Association- Martinsburg, West Virginia (Hank Steinbrecher Fund)
  • Plymouth Youth Soccer- Plymouth, Massachusetts (Ron McEachen Fund)
Class of 2017
  • Lauren Desmond (Ron McEachen Fund)
  • Gene Brion (Michael L. Curry Scholarship Fund)
  • Jacob Johnston (Miller Bugliari Fund)
  • Edwin Manzanero (Robby and Kate Robinson Fund)
  • Ladule LoSarah (Walt Chyzowych Memorial Fund)
  • Jason Brown (Jerry and Marilyn Yeagley Fund)
  • Tristin Stuteville (Williams-Kenyon Vennell Fund)
  • Dirk Bennet (Bob Seddon Fund)
  • Armando Martinez Fong (Joe Cummings Convention Scholarship Fund)
  • Arline Bazemore (Joe Cummings Convention Scholarship Fund)
  • Jesus Ramos (adidas Fund)
  • Matthew Gillich (Dave Amsler CCL Fund)
  • Sarah Lowdon (Anson Dorrance Fund)
  • Wendy Sobczyk (Joe Cummings Convention Scholarship Fund)
  • Sheila Quispe (Doug May Fund)
  • Matea Wasend (Red Apron Fund Convention Scholarship)
  • Enrique Lopez (Cliff McCrath Fund)
  • Steve Schraer (Red Apron Fund Convention Scholarship)
  • Native American Coaches Advocacy Group (Gooding-Crosby Fund)
  • Kensington Soccer Club/Philadelphia Community Empowerment Through Soccer (Walt Chyzowych Fund)
  • Tiger Soccer Club (Bill and Kay Holleman Fund)
  • SeSSI (Horst and Helen Richardson Fund)
  • Chattanooga Football Club Foundation (Hank Steinbrecher Fund)
Class of 2016
  • Stephan Ryan Shera (Bob Seddon Fund)
  • Beverly Valencia (Horst and Helen Richardson Fund)
  • Jessyca Matthews (Anson Dorrance Fund)
  • Wilmer Barrera (Walt Chyzowych Memorial Fund)
  • Marian de Moraes Michelon (Robby and Kate Robinson Fund)
  • Mary Stammers (Michael L. Curry Scholarship Fund)
  • Shannon Matthews (Miller Buglilari Fund)
  • David Blaise (Jerry and Marilyn Yeagley Fund)
  • Lee Docherty (Ron McEachen Fund)
  • Michael Alvarado (Dave Amsler CCL Fund)
  • Tawanda Kaseke (General Endowment)
  • John Bogdan (Williams-Kenyon Vennell Fund)
  • Nicola Brown (Bill and Kay Holleman Fund)
  • Goran Tomic (Red Apron Fund)
  • Erica Keil (Red Apron Fund)
  • Sean Travis Scott (Red Apron Fund)
  • Street Soccer USA (Doug May Fund)
  • DC Stoddert (Gooding-Crosby Fund)
  • America Scores Chicago (Hank Steinbrecher Fund)
  • Community Youth Center (Cliff McCrath Fund)
  • Fort Smith Express (adidas Fund)
Class of 2015
  • Kara McMahon (Walter Chyzowych Memorial Fund)
  • Edwin Manzanero (Miller Bugliari Fund)
  • Javier Aguiniga (Ron McEachen Fund)
  • Brent Martin (Bill and Kay Holleman Fund)
  • Carlos Ortega (Bob Seddon Fund)
  • Mark McAnally (Jerry and Marilyn Yeagley Fund)
  • Ian Briggs (Michael L. Curry Scholarship Fund)
  • Michelle George (Anson Dorrance Fund)
  • DC Stoddert (Hank Steinbrecher Fund)
  • Florida Force (adidas Fund)
  • Vicksburg Soccer Organization (Doug May Fund)
  • Maryland Rush (Gooding-Crosby Fund)
  • SeaTac United (Cliff McCrath Fund)
  • Denkyem Charitable Foundation (Robby and Kate Robinson Fund)
  • Mad River Youth Soccer League (Red Apron Fund)
Class of 2014
  • Chester Upland (Robby and Kate Robinson Fund)
  • America SCORES Chicago (Jerry and Marilyn Yeagley Fund)
  • The Sannenh Foundation (Gooding-Crosby Fund)
  • SeaTac United (Miller Bugliari Fund)
  • PAC Charities (adidas Fund)
  • Algonquin Sports for Kids (Doug May Fund)
  • Detroit PAL (General Fund)
  • Maryland Rush (General Fund)
  • TACOLCY (General Fund)
  • Carlos Fonseca (Michael L. Curry Fund)
  • Mario Concha (Walter Chyzowych Memorial Fund)
  • Courtney Chadburn (Anson Dorrance Fund)
  • Israel Soto (Bill and Kay Holleman Fund)
  • Kasha Roberts (Red Apron Fund)
Class of 2013
  • Victor Soccer Club (Doug May Fund)
  • Kaleen Adami (Anson Dorrance Fund scholarship)
  • Kingsley Asomaning (Miller Bugliari Fund scholarship)
  • James Olivera
  • Kenneth Owens (Michael L. Curry Fund scholarship)
  • Cook Inlet Soccer Club (Walter Chyzowych Fund recipient)
  • DC SCORES (Michael L. Curry Fund recipient)
  • Denkyem Charitable Foundation (Miller Bugliari Fund recipient)
  • Eclipse Soccer Club
  • Golden Mile Soccer Program/FC Frederick (adidas Fund recipient)
  • Highland Park Commons (Jerry & Marilyn Yeagley Fund recpient)
Class of 2012
  • The Denkyem Charitable Foundation
  • Soccer Sisters United/Anderson Monarchs Soccer Club
  • Marisha Schumacher-Hodge (Michael L. Curry Fund scholarship)
  • Pedro Botello (Jerry and Marilyn Yeagley Fund scholarship)
Class of 2011
  • Sunflower Soccer Association
Class of 2010
  • Miami-Dade School District
  • Southwest Youth Services
  • Special Olympics
  • Virginia Legacy Soccer Club
Class of 2009
  • America Scores
  • Colorado Clash
  • Soccer in the Nations
  • Special Olympics
Class of 2008
  • America Scores
  • DC Scores
  • Soccer in the Street
  • Starfinder
Class of 2007
  • America Scores
  • Katrina Hurricane Relief Grants
  • Soccer in the Streets
  • Special Olympics
  • Starfinder
Class of 2006
  • America Scores
  • Ames Soccer Club
  • Soccer in the Streets
  • Southwest Youth Services
  • Special Olympics