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Foundation Societies

Legacy Society

Making a legacy gift is a powerful way to demonstrate your lasting support of United Soccer Coaches and its mission to serve, advocate, and educate coaches at all levels of the game. Legacy Society donors share their love of the game and the value of coaching education by ensuring its future for generations to come. Members of the Legacy Society ensure that experiences they have had in the association continue to be available to the next generation of coaches. Legacy Society members designate the United Soccer Coaches Foundation as a beneficiary in their wills so that after their lifetime a portion of funds from an account of their choice transfer into a charitable gift to the United Soccer Coaches Foundation. 

Legacy Society Members
Al Albert
Gary Avedikian
Lynn Berling-Manuel
Miller Bugliari
Haley Carter
Gene Chyzowych
Ray Cieplik
Michael Curry
Kevin Denson
Anson Dorrance
Jay Engeln
Leslie Gallimore
Roy Gordon
Daniel Gordon
Brian Greene
Jared Hedglin
Bill Holleman
Jack Huckel
Greg Mauck
Marcia McDermott
Andrew McGinnis
Warren Mersereau
George Perry
Ralph Polson
Janet Rayfield
Ray Reid
Horst Richardson
Robbie Robinson
Sue Ryan
Vicki Sanford
Tim Schum
Jim Sheldon
Kevin Sims
Keith Tabatznik
Amanda Vandervoort
Jeff Vennell
Louise Waxler
Dan Woog
Charlie Wright
Jerry Yeagley

“Being a life-long student of soccer has allowed me to pursue my passion. I have made the game a big part of my life. Soccer helped me develop as a person; and grow to become a successful soccer coach and administrator; and an accomplished businessman. Both on and off the field, soccer opened doors and exposed me to many people, places and things. The United Soccer Coaches organization is the community of enablers, support, and allies that were always there for me. I owe so much to the game of soccer and the United Soccer Coaches. This is why I’ve chosen to be a member of the Legacy Society. It is an opportunity for me to leave something for the benefit of others and contribute to the growth of our beautiful sport in perpetuity.”

Mike Curry

United Soccer Coaches Member and Foundation Committee Marketing Chair

Cornerstone Society

The Cornerstone Society was created for the purpose of recognizing those individuals, foundations, and organizations who through their extraordinary generosity have had an immeasurable impact upon the sustainability of United Soccer Coaches Foundation. While gifts of all sizes are appreciated and contribute to growth and sustainability, gifts highlighted in these Circles of Giving are of special note for their transformational impact upon the growth of the Foundation. Additionally, these levels of giving represent a donor’s lifetime gift allowing donor’s to join these Circles through multiple gifts over several years. We hope as you consider a contribution to United Soccer Coaches Foundation, you consider joining our Cornerstone Society. Membership in the Cornerstone Society is based upon contributions to the Foundation at the $1,000 level or higher. 

Chairman's Circle ($25,000 & Above)
adidas Michael Curry** Dan Woog
Charlotte Moran Foundation Walt Chyzowych Memorial Fund
Club Champions League Roy Gordon**
President's Circle ($10,000 - $24,999)
Graham Albert Todd Holleman** Hank Steinbrecher**
Jerome De Bontin Richard Lan Jerry and Marilyn Yeagley**
Joseph Cummings Doug May Memorial Fund Lower Merion Soccer Alumni
Anson Dorrance Brendan Moylan US Soccer Federation
Jay Engeln** Christopher Ooten James VanDusen
Bill and Kay Holleman** Jeff Robinson
Benefactor's Circle ($5,000 - $9,999)
AYSO Martyn Hollands Amanda Vandervort
Al Albert Nigel Key Geoff VanDeusen
William Alderman Cliff McCrath Jeff Vennell**
Elizabeth, Boyce, Anthony, and David Bugliari Michael Noonan George Weiss
Capelli Sport Horst and Helen Richardson Winthrop Smith Foundation
Gene Chyzowych Win Smith Anonymous
Patron's Circle ($2,500 & 4,999)
Elizabeth Beninati John Harvey Jr. Robbie and Kate Robinson
Clayton Berling Douglas Hiscano Mr. and Mrs. Roger C. Olson
Bruce Boyd Kirkwood Soccer Club Ralph Polson
Mr. and Mrs. Gene Chyzowych Dr. and Mrs. Joe Machnik Stephen Prough
John Clemency Marcia McDermott Janet Rayfield**
Jerry Fletcher Chris McDonald Richard Stone Jr.
Derek Goodman Michael Noonan Harvey and Virginia Varjian
Dave Gosselin Sean O’Donnell Steve Veal
Partner's Circle ($1,000 - $2,499)


David Abrams Mathew Hamill Doug Phillips
Mark Altmeyer Ken Harkenrider Randy Porges
Bruce Arena Philip Haselton Caleb Porter
Gary Avedikian** Jared Hedglin Stephen Prough
Doug and Julie Backous Mark Henderson Scott Ranch
Walter Bahr** Peter Hennessy Jeffrey Rennert
Robert Baptista William Herrmann John and Kathy Richardson
Joe Bean** Chad Holleman Anthony Rizza
Randy Behney Grayle Howlett Rob and Kate Robinson
Ted and Laurie Beneski George Huber Harry Rodgers
Ray Bernabel** Schellas Hyndman** James Rodgers
Len Bilous Indianapolis CVA Sue Ryan
Andrew Bittson Terry Jackson** James Sanson
John Boozan Rob Kaler Peter Schiffin
Hank Bradford Bernhardt Kappes Jacquw Schmid**
David Brcic Kenneth Kaufman Richard and Susan Schulte
Richard Broad** Walter Kazmierczak Tim Schum**
Ronald Broadbent* Kearns Family Foundation Charles Scott**
Miller Bugliari** Rick Klaus Sean and Debra Shapert
Whitney Burnham** Paul Leary Jonathan Shelby
Ray Buss** Stuart Ledeman Jim Sheldon**
Richard Butler** Bart Lombardi Bill Shellenberger
Russ Carr** Glenn Lurie John and Frear Simons
Ray Cieplik** Joseph Mchnik John Sorice
Gaetano Cipriano MacPherson Fund Karen Stanley**
Michael Clark Paul aand Robin MacVittie Charles E. Stanzione
Lisa Cole David and Janet Mannheim Stanley Startzell
Marti Croan** Gregory Mauch John Steele
Mikcey Cochrane** Ron McEachen** David Stone
Thomas and Patricia Cronin Steve and Katie McCrath Richard Stone Jr.
John Daly Gary McKinely Payson Swaffield
Francis Delaney Warren Mersereau** Warren and Karen Swanson
Tony DiCicco** John and Melinda Middleton Jim Thieser**
Andrew Donnelly Lowell Milken Mr. and Mrs. Philio Thornton
Thomas Dooley Drew Misher Mr. and Mrs. Tim Thornton
Chip Doubleday Amanda L. Mitchell Stuart Taylor
Jeff Farnsworth Bill Morrone Paul Toomey
Tom Farr Joe Morrone** Perry Vanderbeck
Anne and Jack Fields Connor Mullet James and Kristin Van Dusen
Albert Finely Lawrence Myers Thomas Veldman
Peter Fischelis John P Nussbaumer Brian Vernick
Dan Flynn Sean O’Donnell Randy Waldrum
Michael Freitag Kevin O’Keefe Mr. and Mrs. Seth Waugh
Lesle Gallmore Larry O’Toole Louise Waxler
Jeff Gettler Ed and Claudia Pagani Thomas Wertimer
Thomas Giardano Randy Pages David and Heather Wilson
Leslie Gordon Stu Parry** Chris Wyche**
Mr. Kelly P. Gordon Paul Payne** Todd Yeagley
Frank Gray George Perry Anonymous
Allan Greaves Lisa Petruccelli**
Colleen Hacker** Phillips Law Office

** Indicates an original Cornerstone Partners donor who donated to United Soccer Coaches Foundation prior to our current campaign. As founding donors of the endowment, some original Cornerstone Partners were listed within the Cornerstone Society’s Partner Circle irrespective of the amount of their donation in the early years of the endowment. 

“United Soccer Coaches, formerly the NSCAA, has been a big part of my life ever since I joined the organization in 1966. As a young coach then, I benefited from attending the annual convention, where I learned a lot about all aspects of coaching. Senior members encouraged me to become involved in the coaches association, and I responded with service to the game and the association at the local, regional, and national levels. Lasting friendships ensued; the game of soccer has been the catalyst for memorable moments to last me a lifetime. it is with gratitude that today I can give back to the United Soccer Coaches and support the association in retirement. My wife Helen and I are proud to be part of an organization which has shaped our lives so positively.”

Horst Richardson

Member Since 1966, Former Colorado College Men's Soccer Head Coach

If you have any questions, please reach out to Sara Mason, Development Officer at smason@unitedsoccercoaches.org, or call Membership Services at (816) 471-1941.