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Veterans, Active Military & Affiliates Coaches Community

Vision Statement

The United Soccer Coaches Veterans, Active Military & Affiliates (VAMA) Coaches Community welcomes current and prospective members who are either one or more of the following:

  • A Military Veteran; *
  • Serving on Active Duty, the Reserves, or the National Guard;
  • Related to someone serving (or who has served) in the Armed Forces;
  • Enrolled in a Military Academy (e.g., USNA) or Military School (e.g., VMI);
  • Affiliated with a Military support organization (e.g., ROTC, VA, etc.);
  • Any Ally of the military or those who serve in it.
*Membership in the VAMA is limited to those with honorable, general, & medical discharges.


Garon Taylor-Tyree

Veterans, Active Military & Affiliates Chair


Interested in getting involved with the Veteran’s Active Military & Affiliates Coaches Community? Let us know!

Mission Statement

VAMA members will use the Servant Leadership style they were taught in the military to further the ethical coaching style embraced by United Soccer Coaches. They will employ the lessons they have learned, are still learning, or will soon learn in the military to be “force multipliers” as communicators, decision makers, creative thinkers, risk assessors, and problem solvers for coaches everywhere.


A Note from the Chair

First, I am here to listen to the veterans and service members who graced United Soccer Coaches before this Community was created in 2023. Please reach out, at any time, with questions, comments or concerns. Second, my time as chair will be spent focusing on three goals: 1) Connecting non-military coaches and their teams to a support structure that uniquely understands how to make consequential decisions about other peoples’ lives and careers; 2) Growing this Community by highlighting the full spectrum of coaches within the military ecosystem; 3) Ensuring service members can earn coaching licenses and garner coaching experience before their military careers end so they are set up for success after they separate or retire.


Executive Committee

Tom Archambault, Vice-Chair for Membership

Mike Asfall, Vice-Chair for Outreach & Fundraising

Timmy Lucas, Vice-Chair for Convention, Activities, & Events

Jay Reynard, Vice-Chair for Coaching Education & Transition Readiness

Luke Tickner, Vice-Chair for Awards & Scholarships