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Disabilities Allies Coaches Community

Mission Statement:

The Disabilities Allies Coaches Community is dedicated to providing resources and information, raising awareness, and creating a community for coaches of athletes with disabilities and coaches with disabilities to share experiences and ideas.

About the Community:

The community was established in 2016 with the intention of advocating for and raising awareness for coaches with disabilities and coaches of players with disabilities.

The community aims to provide information and resources for the coaching community, specifically group members. The Disabilities Allies Coaches Community looks to promote conversations between coaches with disabilities and those without disabilities, as well as coaches of players with disabilities. It also aims to benefit coaches and members who are curious about various disabilities and how to best coach players with disabilities.


  1. Identify and recruit people who are passionate about and represent different types of disabilities
  2. Gather and provide information about disabilities to members

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Dan Tuuri

Dan Tuuri

Disabilities Allies Coaches Community Chair