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Sport Performance Diploma

Sport Performance DIPLOMA ONLINE

This introductory course exposes coaches to various topics in Sport Performance preparation.

The Sport Performance Diploma (SPD) is a 20 hour online and virtual course geared towards coaches of youth, high school, college, and professional players who want to gain and apply knowledge in the area of high performance. The objective of the Sport Performance Diploma is to provide coaches with current performance training methodologies with practical application strategies to incorporate into their respective programs.

Candidates in this course will gain access to sport performance professionals and experiences that will aid them in their professional development and practical application. The 3-month course consists of a combination of online lectures, supported reading material and a live (virtual) question and answer session in the final week of each module with the course instructor(s).

“I have worked in the Youth Professional & Collegiate games as a Technical Director/Director of Coaching and Director of Sport Performance. This course gave me a new perspective on physical periodization, manipulating training loads, long-term athletic development (LTAD), data analysis, strength training and nutrition.

The course adopted a holistic approach to improving Sport Performance. All instructors were extremely knowledgable, personable and fostered a great learning environment.”

Tom Poole, Sport Performance Diploma Candidate

Course Instructors:

  • Dr. John De Witt – Former Houston Dynamo Academy Head Performance Coach & Maximum Athletic Performance Founder
  • Staci Wilson – Olympic Champion & NSCA Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist
  • Paolo Pacione – Club America Director of Performance
  • James Wagenschutz – Colorado Rapids Academy Performance Coach & Applied Sport Scientist

Course Aim:

Provide coaches with up-to-date information and research related to soccer science topics.

  • Give coaches the ability to synthesize theoretical concepts and practical application in soccer performance preparation.
  • Create an environment where coaches will discover how to investigate and reflect on practices in the area of performance preparation and planning.

Course Modules:

The course is broken into four modules. Each module lasts approximately one month. Participants can only progress to the next topic when the previous topic is completed by taking a quiz and/or submitting a reflective statement (formative and summative assessment).  The module topics are listed below:

Module 1

  • Topic 1 – Physiological Demands of the Game
  • Topic 2 – Long Term Athlete Development
  • Topic 3 – Soccer Periodization
  • Live Session

Module 2

  • Topic 4 – Energy System Development in Soccer
  • Topic 5 – Speed Development in Soccer
  • Topic 6 – Speed Endurance Development in Soccer
  • Live Session

Module 3

  • Topic 7 – Technology in Soccer
  • Topic 8 – Field and Laboratory Testing
  • Topic 9 – Monitoring Tools in Soccer
  • Live Session

Module 4

  • Topic 10 – Strength Training
  • Topic 11 – Power Training
  • Topic 12 – Nutrition
  • Live Session

Course Outcomes:
Once all four modules are complete, the participants will receive their Sport Performance Diploma.