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Mental Performance Training

Mental Performance Training Special Topcs DIploma

Just as technical and tactical aspects of the game are trained daily, in the interest of holistic player development, mental skills deserve the same consideration. This special topics diploma – mental performance training (MPT) has been developed for soccer coaches interested in helping players develop their mindset.

Course Instructors:

  • Ben Freakley MS, CMPC, CSCS – Head of Mental Performance for the Toronto Blue Jays. Founder of Ready. Set. Resilient. Former college soccer coach for 15 years, and member of United Soccer Coaches Academy Staff. Ben holds a United Soccer Coaches Premier Diploma and an A License from US Soccer. Doctoral candidate – sports performance psychology with an emphasis in clinical mental health counseling.
  • Vince Ganzberg MS – United Soccer Coaches Associate Director of Coaching Education. United Soccer Coaches Academy Staff, Dr. Tom Fleck Award Winner for Excellence in Youth Coaching Education. Vince holds a United Soccer Coaches Premier Diploma and US Soccer A and Grassroots Instructor’s License.

Course Aim:

In the course, the following objectives will be addressed.

  • Explore reasons for introducing MPT to soccer athletes.
  • Familiarize coaches with MPT.
  • Identify constraints and explore ways to integrate MPT into the team environment.
  • Discusses measures of MPT effectiveness.

Course Duration:

The course will consist of 3 virtual meetings, each lasting 1.5 hours. Each session will be conducted over Zoom and facilitated by Ben Freakley and Vince Ganzberg. In addition to the Zoom sessions, coaches will have the opportunity to complete projects between Zoom sessions.

Course Outcomes:

Once all three virtual meetings and coursework are complete, the participants will receive their Mental Performance Training Special Topics Diploma.