Development Diplomas

Educated coaches help to deliver a positive playing experience for young athletes and a more enjoyable experience for themselves. The United Soccer Coaches Coaching Development Courses reflect the current soccer landscape with a focus on small-sided games and allows all types of soccer organizations to deliver useful coaching education from novice to intermediate in an accommodating way. The following courses ensure that coaches get the education they want and need alongside their peers in your own backyard.

Foundations of Coaching

United Soccer Coaches has developed the Foundations of Coaching online course as the perfect introduction to coaching youth soccer for the first time, and as a helpful refresher for those coaches coming back to the youth game. Focusing on improving coaching instruction in order to progressively improve player development, the Foundations of Coaching provides insight into targeted training activities and age-appropriate instruction for beginning to advanced players. The course is free to members.

eLearning Content


This course is designed for coaches with players ages 8 and under. The curriculum is packed with age-appropriate training activities around a 4v4 game structure.

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Testing: No
Prerequisites: None

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This combined course for the next level of coaching is a nine hour in-person course focused on the 9-12 year old player. Content highlights player development, principles of play, technique, and tactics with small-sided games.

This course is now available online!
Testing: No
Prerequisites: None

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Moving up the continuum of age levels to the 13 and above player, this Diploma is designed for an intermediate coach. It is focused on the 11v11 game with topics including the modern numbering system, formations and systems of play, player competencies and defensive and offensive tactics.

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Testing: No
Prerequisites: None

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Special Topics

The United Soccer Coaches Academy conducts Special Topics Diplomas periodically in different parts of the country, as well as special clinics at various events, including the annual United Soccer Coaches Convention. Some examples of Special Topics Courses include Zonal Defending, Sports Psychology, Striker Play, Management of Soccer Programs, etc. For further information, contact the United Soccer Coaches National Office. All candidates must be at least 16 years of age at the time of application. Candidates under 18 years of age must be accompanied by an adult for the duration of the course.

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Goalkeeping Level 1

The overall objective of the Goalkeeping Level 1 Diploma is to explore some of the myths and mystiques surrounding the goalkeeping function. The six-hour course is directed towards the team coach – not the specialist goalkeeper coach. The object is to empower the coach with knowledge and practice methods that will enable the coach to evaluate a goalkeeper in game situations and then design an appropriate practice program for goalkeepers in and outside of team practices. The course includes lecture (theory) and field (practical) sessions.

Time Commitment: 6 hours
Testing: No
Prerequisites: None

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Goalkeeping Level 2

The overall objective of the Goalkeeping Level 2 Diploma is to create an optimal learning environment for this specialized position. The 9-hour course is geared towards the specialist goalkeeping coach and the team coach looking for in-depth information surrounding the coaching of goalkeepers. The course includes both lecture (theory) and field (practical) sessions. A United Soccer Coaches Goalkeeping Level I Diploma is a prerequisite for this course.

Time Commitment: 9 hours
Testing: No
Prerequisites: Goalkeeping Level 1

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Goalkeeping Level 3

The overall objective of the Goalkeeping Level 3 Diploma is to explore the tactical components of goalkeeping and the specifics of training and developing goalkeepers. The emphasis of this eighteen-hour course is on the tactical role of the goalkeeper within the team framework. All candidates wishing to take the Goalkeeping Level 3 Diploma must hold the Goalkeeping Level 1 and 2 Diplomas or equivalent (United Soccer Coaches /U.S. Soccer Level 1 and Level 2 Diplomas).

Time Commitment: 18 hours
Testing: No
Prerequisites: Goalkeeping Level 2

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