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High School Team Awards


The Team Academic Award was created to recognize student athletes’ commitment to excellence in the classroom. This annual award is based on a team’s academic performance for the entire academic year.

For a team to be considered, it must have a composite team grade point average of at least 3.25 (on a 4.0 scale) for all team members who appear on the official eligibility roster for the season, and the coach must be a current United Soccer Coaches member.

All players on the roster must be included in the calculation of the team GPA. An official roster must be submitted with the nomination form.

High School Team Academic Award Nomination Form


The Team Ethics and Sportsmanship Award was created to recognize teams that exhibit fair play, sporting behavior, and adherence to the laws of the game.


A team may not have received any (0) Red Cards at any time during the season. The “season” includes all regular season and play-off contests.

Platinum Award: 0 Yellow Cards, 0 Red Cards
Gold Award: 1-10%
Silver Award: 11-30%
Bronze Award: 31-50%

The percentage formula is the number of cards accumulated divided by the number of games played (i.e., 5 cards divided by 20 games played is 0.25 or 25%, which qualifies for a Silver Award).



The Team Pinnacle Award was established as an annual award in 2019 at the request of United Soccer Coaches Advocacy Groups from both the college and high school level. It was established to be an elite award honoring programs which achieve team recognition for academics, ethics and on-field success in a given year.

Only schools of member coaches are eligible for the award. Recipients must have been awarded the Team Academic Award, earned a Team Ethics and Sportsmanship Award and achieved a team winning percentage of .750 or higher during the season of the academic year for the award. The awards are announced each October and presented each January at the High School Breakfast held at the United Soccer Coaches annual convention.

For further information on the Team Pinnacle Award for high school, contact National Chair Tom Gerlach at tom.gerlach@cpalions.org.

High School Team Pinnacle Award Nomination Form

Past Recipients

2019- First year for the award