CEO Job Description

Our Mission – “United Soccer Coaches provides programs and services that enhance, encourage, and contribute to the development and recognition of soccer coaches, their players, and the game we love.”

Our Vision – “United Soccer Coaches is the trusted and unifying voice, advocate, and partner for coaches of all levels of the game.”

Our Core Values
– Deliver value to each member that exceeds their expectations;
– Uphold a sense of family and acknowledge past contributions;
– Maintain the highest standards of ethical conduct and sportsmanship;
– Ensure fiscal responsibility;
– Meet the needs of a diverse membership;
– Serve the greater good of the game; and
– Manage the Association through teamwork and open, honest communications. 

The Position  

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of United Soccer Coaches will be a strategic and driven leader, focused on process and outcomes, possessing a strong track record and diverse skill set to build and lead the Association. The CEO will bring vision, gravitas, passion, and high energy to generate new ideas in support of United Soccer Coaches’ mission.  

Duties & Responsibilities  


  • Encourages, promotes and advocates for an organization-wide cultural climate that inspires and supports innovative thinking and problem-solving by staff, membership and volunteers. 
  • Establishes, enhances and strengthens partnerships with United Soccer Coaches’ internal and external stakeholders, listening and responding to their evolving needs. 
  • Works effectively with the President, Board Members and management team to strengthen an open, collaborative, learning and organizational culture while decisively navigating the team in a clear direction.   
  • Directs staffing, training and performance metrics to ensure that employees and volunteers in the organization understand goals and exceed expectations. 
  • Leads efforts to measure and increase the diversity of the Association, ensures equity across all Association endeavors, and works to create and maintain a culture of inclusion throughout the Association.   

Board of Directors   

  • Cultivates a strong and transparent working relationship with the Board of Directors and ensures open communication about the measurement of financial, programmatic and impact performance against stated milestones and goals.   
  • Attends Board meetings, follows the bylaws and carries out the policies established by the United Soccer Coaches Board of Directors.   
  • Keeps the Board informed in a timely and consistent manner of organizational progress in the achievement of the strategic goals.  


  • In conjunction with the Chief Financial Officer, ensures the accuracy and integrity of United Soccer Coaches’ financial information, reporting and disclosure requirements, internal controls, adherence to financial policies, code of conduct and other compliance requirements.   
  • Exhibits strong understanding of the drivers of the P&L and how to create and execute a revenue plan that supports United Soccer Coaches through a mix of revenue sources that includes, but is not limited to, membership, grants, sponsorships, philanthropic pursuits.   
  • Ensures legal and regulatory compliance and appropriate risk mitigation through the timely review and approval of all of United Soccer Coaches’ contracts, agreements, and policies.   
  • Anticipates financial risks and takes action to course-correct as required.   
  • Demonstrates and maintains the highest level of ethical behavior within the organization.  


  • Formulates, develops, implements, and evolves – with the Board’s input – a clear and effective strategic plan to achieve United Soccer Coaches’ mission.   
  • Provides direction and guidance to senior leaders and managers of United Soccer Coaches as they implement the strategic plan and address any challenges.  

United Soccer Coaches Pillars – Membership/Education/Advocacy 

  • Membership  
    • Leads, mentors, and works with the membership department to deliver unparalleled customer service to current and prospective members.  
    • Assesses, evaluates, and implements effective member retention and growth strategies.  
    • Presents and delivers a deliberative, positive-outcome producing strategic plan to the Board of Directors on short and long-term retention and growth initiatives. Reports on outcomes with metrics on measurable trends and anticipates future trends based on projections 
    • Assesses membership diversity, and works to increase member representation from historically underrepresented and underserved groups and communities.  
  • Education 
    • Creates new and strengthens existing relationships with viable external stakeholders in the coaching education landscape.  
    • Supports and collaborates with the education department to create a demand for United Soccer Coaches courses. 
    • Brings innovation and ingenuity to serve the educational demands of all segments of coaching, with the goal of delivering essential courses to support the growth and development of coaches.  
  • Advocacy 
    • Represents United Soccer Coaches as the voice of coaches by advocating to have a seat at the table at all prominent soccer events (e.g., conferences, conventions, decision-making meetings) 
    • Listens, facilitates, and advocates for the needs and advancement of all United Soccer Coaches 
    • Works closely with the Advocacy Council to support and formulate viable and impactful pathways for the growth and development of United Soccer Coaches internal advocacy groups.  

Annual Convention 

  • Unifies all office personnel and volunteers to create an annual convention and auxiliary events to serve the membership and the broader soccer community by providing excellent education, advocacy, and service components that attract attendance and membership.  
  • Works closely with operations and events leadership to provide oversight on cost controls to drive a profitable convention. 
  • Collaborates with marketing and membership departments to create a formidable strategic plan to drive registration and attendance to the convention 
  • Evaluates our convention and assesses market trends to continually innovate with the goal of providing an attractive, notable, and profitable convention that deepens the allegiance of the Association from members, sponsors, and presenters 


  • United Soccer Coaches Foundation is responsible for providing direct financial support through grants and scholarships for coaching education programs.  
  • The CEO is responsible for overseeing, supporting, and working with the Foundation Committee to achieve the Foundation’s mission. 
  • In conjunction with the Development Officer, assist in identifying sources of funding, partnerships, and other resources/relationships that strengthen the impact of the Foundation. 

Marketing/Partnerships and Commercial   

  • Builds and maintains diverse, multi-faceted relationships with partners across the public, private and nonprofit sectors, to increase United Soccer Coaches standing, visibility and credibility among thought-leaders and commercial partners.   
  • In conjunction with the Director of Marketing, oversees the successful execution of United Soccer Coaches brand marketing strategy, ensuring that the United Soccer Coaches brand is omnipresent and that United Soccer Coaches successfully activates with partner brands.   
  • Creates and leads an array of commercial strategies resulting in revenue maximization and strong financial return for United Soccer Coaches.   
  • Works with the Director of Marketing to identify, develop and secure commercial partnerships, including those with sponsors and professional soccer organizations, in a manner that maximizes revenue and aligns with United Soccer Coaches’ core values.   
  • Serves as a partner to United Soccer Coaches’ national governing body, the US Soccer Federation, to ensure alignment and collaboration in making soccer the preeminent sport in the United States.  


  • Demonstrates outstanding communication ability with specific experience inspiring members, colleagues and stakeholders.   
  • Represents United Soccer Coaches in an ambassadorial capacity at key national events.   
  • Possesses exceptional presentation, communication, and listening skills including the ability to work collaboratively with key stakeholders and drive consensus on complex issues. 
  • Is a strong and transparent communicator who will establish unity and enhance the profile, visibility, and influence of United Soccer Coaches. 

To apply, please send the following materials to, no phone calls accepted:

  1. Resume outlining experiences directly relevant to the position
  2. Cover letter, including a personal statement that speaks to the candidate’s leadership style & experiences
  3. References – provide contact information for five references who can speak to the candidate’s readiness for the position (phone & email)