Missy Price, PhD

Head Coach and Assistant Professor of the Practice

Wellesley College

Current and previous involvement with the NSCAA

I currently serve as the Chair of the Women's Coaches Community and I was a member of the group when it was known as the Women's Committee. During my time in the Women’s Committee, I helped research and provide information to our Chair & the Board of Directors regarding the formation of a leadership structure within the Advocacy Groups to foster greater involvement, activate the membership, and provide access and accountability for the groups. 

I've been a member of the Coaching Education Staff for the last 6 years. I have taught National, Advanced National, and GK Level 1-3 Courses. I have also assisted with presentations (field & lecture) at the Convention. 

Lastly, I’ve also worked within the NSCAA as a member of Soccer Journal Editorial Board and as a Former Member of the NSCAA’s Pacific Regional Rankings Committee (NCAA Division I).

Coaching experience

I have been coaching since 1994, when Charlotte Moran signed me up for a D License through EPYSA and put me in charge of summer camps/clinics in my hometown in the suburbs of Philadelphia. That was when it all started for me and over the last two decades, I've been coaching college at the Division I and III levels for over 15 years as well as working with youth through local clubs, ODP, PDP, and other events in my 22-year career. I've had the honor and pleasure to work with many tremendous young women & men and colleagues throughout the years. I've coached NCAA Tournament teams, National Team Members, the kids in the local youth leagues, and everything in between. 

I am committed to my development as a coach and have received both the Premier Diploma and 'A' License. Additionally, I have a Ph.D. in Sport Psychology with a specific expertise in athlete and coach leadership. I'm passionate about coaching education and have taught NSCAA and USSF Courses as well as presented on numerous topics related to coaching and sport psychology at various professional conventions, summits, coaching courses, and other events. Besides coaching my players, working with coaches is my life’s work.

What other experiences in soccer, other sports and/or organizations would be important to your work as an NSCAA Board member?

I am an active member of the Alliance of Women Coaches and currently serve on the Coaches Council within the organization. I recently attended the NCAA Women Coaches Academy where I became connected to a large network of women coaches across all levels and sports. From these experiences, I have assisted in advisory capacity to the leadership of the Alliance of Women Coaches. 

I was the Mountain West Conference's Representative for the NCAA Regional Rankings Committee. Within my local community, I have served in an advisory role to the local soccer league, providing input on youth development within the community. Through these experiences, I have learned to collaborate with a variety of constituents to find solutions that work for our common goals. 

I have given academic/research based presentations as well as interactive team/coaching workshops to various audiences of coaches and teams. I'm comfortable talking in front of a group, leading discussions, and interacting with groups of people. 

Lastly, my role at Wellesley College is multifaceted and in addition to the coaching responsibilities, my role in the department is concentrated on the professional development of our coaches. I am tasked with working alongside our coaches and staff to grow the department and broaden the scope and impact of our coaches, particularly related to student-athlete leadership and development. 

What do you believe are your strengths that will make you an effective Board member of the NSCAA?

My exposure to the NSCAA began as soon as I became a coach. Many of my mentors were members, Academy instructors, and pioneers for women’s soccer. They exposed me to the community that is the NSCAA and taught me about the importance of service, advocating, and leading. I have been learning, participating, and belonging for over 15 years and now it’s my turn to give back. I have a passion for service, for believing in something and helping move the Association forward into the next 75 years. I'm grateful for the opportunities and experiences I have had through the game of soccer. It's been a love affair since age 6, so what better way to say thank you than to serve on the Board of the NSCAA. 

I have a variety of different experiences when it comes to my resume, but most importantly, I see my strengths as perspective, innovation, and adaptability. I approach situations and challenges with a knack for problem-solving and thoughtfulness. I value constructive communication that gets things done but accounts for perspective, listening, and teamwork. I work hard to build consensus and use a wide network of resources to support the goal or mission. Lastly, my colleagues would tell you that I’m intuitive, fair, and reliable. I take great pride in my contributions and in getting the job done well. I will work hard to transcend divisions, levels, and other differences among the membership to advocate for programming, education, and/or change that maximizes the evolution and impact of the NSCAA.     

I believe in the mission of the NSCAA. It’s evident in my passion for helping coaches advance educationally, technically/tactically, personally, and professionally. Soccer is more than just a game, it’s a lifestyle and a vehicle to connect our world. The NSCAA has a critical mass of coaches, administrators, and professionals who can drive, innovate, and inspire the generations of members to come. Being a member of the Board affords me the opportunity to help steer our future from the front line. As a Coaching Community Chair, I have been fortunate to work closely with many members and leaders of the Association. From these experience I have formed a deep commitment to the NSCAA and would proudly and tirelessly champion for its mission. For these reasons, I humbly seek the position of Secretary on the Board of Directors of the NSCAA.

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