Grant Application

On an annual basis, United Soccer Coaches Foundation invites 501(c)3 organizations to submit applications for a Host-a-Course grant award. The grant recipient will be awarded the opportunity to hold a United Soccer Coaches Non-Residential Diploma Course at the facility of their choosing. Courses will be facilitated by United Soccer Coaches Coaching Academy staff and awards cover costs for United Soccer Coaches staff and required materials for course facilitation. Please visit the educational area of the website to familiarize yourself with eligible courses to assist in the preparation of your grant application (Development and Goal Keeping tabs).

Questions? Please reach out to Amanda Mitchell, Development Officer, at

Step 1: Complete Application


  • All grant applications must be submitted by a current United Soccer Coaches Member on behalf of the applicant.
  • Grant Applications MUST be received no later than midnight Eastern Time October 27, 2017.

Keep responses concise (two paragraphs maximum per question)


  • Organization Name:
  • Primary Contact:
  • Legal Physical Address:
  • Primary Contact’s Address (if different):
  • Primary Contact Phone Number:
  • Primary Contact Email Address:
  • Organization’s Web Site Address:
  • Are you a Soccer for Success Program (Y/N):
  • Has your organization previously received an United Soccer Coaches Grant?:


  • Organization’s History.
  • Date Organization Received 501(c)3 Status. Provide a copy of the IRS ruling letter and most recent 990.
  • Organizational Goals and Objectives (short-term and long-term).
  • Programs and Services (briefly describe your organization’s overall programs and services).
  • Organizational Structure (board, staff, volunteers).


  • Select one United Soccer Coaches Non-Residential Diploma Course as your grant request.
  • Estimate direct attendance and the overall number of people and/or organizations that will benefit from the program.
  • Description of Need. (What is the issue you plan to address with this grant? How will this grant help United Soccer Coaches Foundation achieve its mission of providing soccer coaching education opportunities to underserved socioeconomic communities, geographic areas, and ethnic groups throughout the United States?)
  • Specific Activities. Include information about the anticipated course date, hosting facilities, timeline, and course promotion. All organizations receiving United Soccer Coaches Foundation grants will be required to promote the United Soccer Coaches Foundation and the grant on their organization’s website.
  • Objectives and Goals for this Request. (How will this grant strengthen the organization, address the issues, make improvements, or achieve success?)
  • Evaluation. (What are the anticipated outcomes and how will you know if you are successful?)
  • Other. (Use this space to provide any additional information that you feel would be relevant to this grant request that is not covered in the sections above.)

Step 2: Review and Submit


  • Responses from Section I, II, and III completed in form.
  • Copy of 501(c)3 IRS Ruling Letter
  • Copy of most recent 990


  • Click the submit button on the online request form to submit your application.
  • Once submitted properly, you will receive an email with a copy of the application for your records. 

​Application process for 2019 grants will begin in August 2018

All grant requests, including all supporting materials, become the property of United Soccer Coaches Foundation and will not be returned. United Soccer Coaches Foundation reserves the right to reject any grant request.

Organization(s) receiving a grant from United Soccer Coaches Foundation will be required to hold the awarded course within 9 months of being notified of the award. Grant recipients must provide a written evaluation of the program results no later than 2 months from the date of holding the non-residential diploma course. Failure to meet these requirements will render the organization ineligible for future grants from United Soccer Coaches Foundation.