A $1,000,000 Goal

In 2007, the United Soccer Coaches governance voted to include in its strategic plan an initiative to build the Foundation’s endowment to one million dollars. In January 2008, newly elected Al Albert made this one of his term priorities by launching the silent phase of a $1,000,000 endowment campaign.

Why We Need an Endowment — The Case for Support

Several minority groups, most notably Hispanics, are the fastest growing population segments of the United States, yet often they face financial and social barriers. Other under-served groups, such as African Americans in urban communities and Native Americans in rural areas, face the same barriers.

The United Soccer Coaches Foundation began awarding grants four years ago. Grantees include the Special Olympics, organizations serving Hispanic youth and Native American youth, inner city groups in the District of Columbia, Atlanta, and Philadelphia, and flood victims of hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

Because the Foundation does not have an endowment, each year we grant only what we receive in annual contributions. And because we have never undertaken a comprehensive fundraising initiative, funds available for grants have been inconsistent. We award an average of about $15,000 in grants each year.

To keep pace with the growth of these underserved groups, and to reach largely overlooked urban communities, the Foundation must be financially positioned to support the increasing demand for coaching education. If we have the ability to increase support for these underserved groups, we will be able to provide them a never-before-offered opportunity to join the American youth soccer experience that today is predominantly a suburban experience.

Therefore, the United Soccer Coaches Foundation has launched a campaign to establish a significant permanent endowment that will bring coaching education opportunities to under-served communities and groups throughout the United States.

Our initial goal is $1,000,000. Each year a draw of 4% on this principal will enable the Foundation to make grants of approximately $40,000—nearly three times what we currently award.

A gift to the United Soccer Coaches Foundation endowment will ensure that we are able to provide financial support to many more under-served groups than at present, and that these educational outreach initiatives will continue well into the future.

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