United Soccer Coaches Foundation is the charitable arm of United Soccer Coaches. It supports scholarship and grant opportunities for member coaches and organizations to receive financial assistance for coaching education provided by United Soccer Coaches’ coach educators. As of 2018, 71 scholarships have been awarded for convention and educational courses and 64 grants for local coaching education programs have been presented. Consequently, coaches representing 7,000 players across the country have received financial assistance from Foundation resources.

But, we can further deepen our impact! It is the goal of United Soccer Coaches Foundation to reach $1,000,000 by Convention 2019 in Chicago, Illinois. Help us give back to the game by making a charitable contribution to United Soccer Coaches Foundation.


Minority groups, including Hispanic/Latinos, African-American, Native American, and refugee communities are some of the fastest growing population segments of the United States, yet they often face many barriers. Underserved populations and communities across the United States have greater health disparities and increased financial barriers as compared to more affluent counterparts. It is the mission of United Soccer Coaches Foundation to provide soccer coaching educational opportunities to underserved socioeconomic communities, geographic areas, and ethnic groups. The Foundation firmly believes in the broader societal benefits of soccer as a recreational activity, an avenue for health and wellness, a means of building leadership skills, and a competitive sport outlet. United Soccer Coaches accomplishes this through advancement in coaching education and supplementation of resources.

Past recipients of Foundation scholarships and grants have included organizations serving Hispanic and Native American youth, inner city organizations serving the District of Columbia, Atlanta, and Philadelphia, Special Olympics, and assistance for victims of hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

In 2018, United Soccer Coaches solicited survey feedback from members regarding their overall coaching background and needs they desire to become stronger coaches and advocates for the sport of soccer and their players. One in three responding coaches identified financial need as a barrier to advancing their coaching training, yet 79.94% aspire to increase their level of coaching education. It is this feedback that drives the Foundation’s commitment to establishing a permanent endowment that delivers coaching education opportunities to coaches and organizations serving underserved communities throughout the United States.

Again, the target goal is $1,000,000 by this coming January. Work completed by the Foundation Committee and support from United Soccer Coaches members have put this goal within reach. By reaching this goal we will be able to triple our impact through awards presented to deserving coaches from around the world for scholarships and grants. Your gift to United Soccer Coaches Foundation will ensure this goal is achieved and that financial support to many more under-served organizations and their coaches will be sustained well into the future.