High School Awards

United Soccer Coaches high school awards are based on individual membership. Therefore, the coach must be a United Soccer Coaches member in order for either the coach, their players or their teams to be recognized.

Award Name Who Can Win Open Date Close Date
All-America High School Players 10/25/17
Scholar All-America High School Players 2/1/18 6/13/18
Player of the Week High School Players Weekly Weekly
Coach of the Year High School Coaches 5/1/18 7/5/18
Assistant Coach of the Year High School Coaches 10/20/17 11/22/17
Senior Excellence Award High School Seniors On-Going On-Going
Team Academic Award High School Teams 5/18/18 8/27/18
Team Ethics and Sportsmanship Award High School Teams 11/1/17 Fall: 12/1/17
Winter: 4/15/18
Spring: 6/15/18
Robert W. Robinson Award One Member Each Year 9/21/17 10/1/17
Coaching Milestone Victories High School Coaches Ongoing Ongoing
Coach of Significance Award High School Head Coaches  2/1/18  4/1/18