Advisory Councils

There shall be Advisory Councils of the Board of Directors as described below. Advisory Councils shall be advisory in nature, providing advice to the Board, professional staff or others, but shall have no authority to set policy nor shall they have responsibility for operations and management unless otherwise designated in these Bylaws or requested by the person or group being advised to assist as such. Each Advisory Council shall have a Charter as approved by the Board of Directors.

Board of Governors

There shall be a Board of Governors that may advise the Board of Directors and professional staff on issues affecting the Association. There shall be 10 members of the Board of Governors. Nominations for the Board of Governors will be made by the Board of Directors prior to the NSCAA Annual Convention. The Board of Directors shall elect two members each year during its Annual Convention who shall serve five-year terms. The Board of Governors will recommend a chair to the President subject to the ratification by the Board of Directors. The chair should be a member of the Board of Governors with at least three years remaining on his/her term. The President or his/her designee shall serve as the Board of Directors liaison to the Board of Governors.

Janet Rayfield, Chair

Lynn Berling-Manuel, CEO – Staff Liaison

Advocacy Council

There shall be an Advocacy Council that will advocate for issues in the game and the Association that affects the Membership, as outlined in Addendum E of these Bylaws. The Advocacy Council will provide accountability and oversight for the Membership Council, Membership Groups and Coaching Communities. They will advise both the Board of Directors and the professional staff on the needs and desires of the membership at large. The Chair of the Advocacy Council will serve as a non-voting Ex-Officio Director on the Board of Directors.

Sue Ryan, Chair

Lee Jarrell, Advocacy Relations Manager – Staff Liaison