NSCAA Membership General Liability Insurance

Information about the general liability insurance that is included with the NSCAA Standard Membership:

The general liability insurance coverage included with all Standard Memberships is a personal liability policy (excess) that follows the member in his/her coaching and teaching capacity of soccer. It is underwritten by K&K Insurance Group, rated "A" (excellent) by A.M. Best. Because it is an Association held policy, additional insured cannot be added to the policy nor can the limits be changed. This coverage typically comes into play when a lawsuit is filed against the coach for bodily injury or property damage.

For specific questions about the insurance included with your membership or for proof of coverage, please contact our insurance provider.

Lora Howard: lora.howard@aon.com
Phone: 816-698-4600

Please be sure to have your member number and your membership expiration date handy when you contact the insurance providers. Generally it takes about 2 business days from the date requested to receive your proof of coverage.

NOTE: General liability insurance is only included with a Standard Membership. Trial, International, and Retired/Inactive Memberships do not include general liability insurance.

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If you have questions about your member ID number or expiration date, please let us know at the Member Services Help Center.