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Fait-Based Coaches Community


The Faith-Based Coaches Member Group is open to all Association members of any faith who coach at all levels of the game. The purpose of the community is to provide a space where coaches from any faith tradition can exchange ideas about how their faith informs their coaching and their soccer program.

Members may access the community forum from their member profile

Faith-based coaching? What does that mean?

Simple, really. It’s a philosophy of coaching. And like any philosophy of coaching, it informs almost everything that happens on a team.

The philosophy is basically this: The values that I embrace as a follower of God become the core values of the team. Whether that followership is rooted in Christianity or Judaism or Islam or some other worldview, there is no separation of the coach’s faith life from his or her life as a leader.

To many, that may make perfect sense when we think about the leadership of the home and family. But does it really happen when leading a sports team? All this time, actually. For coaches around the country and around the world, who they are on the inside is who they are on the outside. Their identity as a person is, transparently and authentically, their identity as a coach, setting the priorities and direction of the team.

What does that look like in practical terms? There are a lot of good ideas out there—ideas that have been road-tested, but that tend to remain localized rather than disseminated. That’s why the Faith-Based Coaching Community exists: to connect these coaches whose leadership is informed by their faith. It’s not a one-size-fits-all group; even within a particular faith tradition, there are different emphases and expressions of the faith. So it’s more of an idea-sharing group—a platform for networking and learning and information exchange among like-minded coaches whose leadership is a reflection of their followership.

So welcome to the Faith-Based Coaching Community! Have a look around the web site, consider engaging in the discussion forums and let us know how we can best serve you.

Mike Zigarelli
Messiah College