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Coaches Inc.

Coaches Inc.

Coaches Inc. provides free round-the-clock access to consultation and guidance regarding career-related issues to United Soccer Coaches Professional and College members. Members utilizing this partnership with Coaches Inc. are not clients of Coaches Inc., but can receive free consultations on their specific issues that include, but are not limited to, contractual matters, incidents or situations involving a student-athlete (e.g., disciplinary actions, accusations of wrongdoing, etc.), communications with administration, and media situations. 



Dennis Cordell founded Coaches Inc. in January 2006. During his six years at the NFL Coaches Association, Cordell saw the need for coaches to utilize agents and realized that this was an underserved market. He felt many of the issues he worked to resolve for coaches could have been easily addressed during the coaches’ contract negotiations, but coaches’ greatest qualities, their loyalty and trustworthiness, worked to their disadvantage and prevented coaches from negotiating to protect themselves and their families. After years of thought, a few events occurred in 2005 that finally set Cordell on his path to serve coaches in this new capacity by founding Coaches Inc. Today, Coaches Inc. serves coaches across all sports and levels.

If you are a Professional or College Coach and need advice, please fill out the confidential form below.