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Level 1 Futsal

Level 1 Futsal Diploma

United Soccer Coaches and U.S. Futsal partnered to create their first-ever coaching course for the most popular soccer variation in the world. This Diploma is available online.

Coaches and players the world over see futsal as a fast paced, action-packed, electrifying game with many similarities to soccer that can be played indoors and outdoors. “Futsal fever” is catching on in USA, with coaches recognizing numerous technical and tactical benefits that are transferable to soccer.

The Level 1 Futsal Diploma serves as an introduction to futsal and consists of 8 core and 5 age appropriate modules.

By the end of the course the Level 1 Futsal Diploma Course candidate will have achieved the following objectives:

  • Learn about important contributions futsal can offer coaching education programs for youth coaches.
  • Understand the basic techniques and tactics associated with futsal.
  • Have a perspective on the history of the game.
  • Gain awareness of the rules that give futsal its unique character through a comprehensive Futsal rules video.
  • Identify similarities and differences between futsal and outdoor soccer.
  • Appreciate the role futsal can play in young player development.
  • Receive 30 training activities appropriate for players in Stages 1-5 of development (3-18 years old), in full color PDF and video.
  • Know how to start a futsal team or league with U.S. Futsal.

Also Available:

Coaching Futsal: Futsal Level 1 Manual
Includes 30 activities covering: ball mastery, dribbling, take-on and escape moves, passing combinations, attacking patterns, defensive organization, build-up play through lines of the team, counter attacks and much more.