Womens Soccer Award of Excellence


Sponsored by Women and Girls In Soccer (WAGS), the Women’s Soccer Award of Excellence was established in 1999 to recognize those who have brought honor and distinction to women’s soccer. WAGS has supplied sponsorship funds from this award to be used in the promotion of the women’s game through various inner-city programs. Funds also will be donated to charities that promote female soccer participation.

Past Winners

2019 – Jill Ellis, U.S. Soccer
2018 – Nancy Feldman, Boston University

2017 – Carin Gabarra, United States Naval Academy
2016 – Marcia McDermott, Army West Point
2015 – Janet Rayfield, University of Illinois
2014 – Denise Dallamora, Brandeis University
2013 – Kristine Lilly, United States Women’s National Team
2012 – Lesle Gallimore, University of Washington
2011 – Sue Ryan, Stony Brook University
2010 – John Daly, College of William and Mary
2009 – Louise Waxler, Kicks Against Breast Cancer
2008 – Tony DiCicco, Boston Breakers
2007 – Charlotte Moran, Eastern Pennsylvania Youth Soccer Association
2006 – Anson Dorrance, University of North Carolina
2005 – Lynn Berling-Manuel, CEO and Publisher of Soccer America
2004 – Colleen Hacker, Pacific Lutheran University
2003 – Adele Dolansky, Washington Area Girls Soccer League
2002 – Michelle Morgan, Amherst College
2001 – Lauren Gregg, WUSA Vice President of Player Personnel and Technical Director
2000 – Michelle Akers, U.S. Women’s National Team, FIFA Female Player of the Century
1999 – April Heinrichs, U.S. Women’s National Team